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*Alana's Pov*

There, sitting in front of me was Channing Tatum!! LOL no I'm joking! It was really all the guys from One Direction but how cool would that be to meet Channing Tatum?!? Well being in a limo with basically 5 strangers probably can't be too safe but I really don't care because it's One freaking Direction were talking about here!!

And no I am not fangirling right now as much as you think because there's one small problem.. I'm not a huge fan so I can't fangirl if I'm not a big fan right? Yeah well it makes sense in my mind..

"Niall who's this?" that must be Harry Styles, the flirt. I can tell that he is Harry because he talks slow and the way he said that proved that he is about to flirt with me.. That's just great!

"Oh sorry this Alana. Alana this is Harry." nice way to introduce us Niall! Very creative..

"Hello love." He reached down and grabbed my hand and kissed it! Okay I know this sounds cliche but there were fucking sparks and oh hot damn were his hands soft! Oh my gosh I could just cuddle with his hands! Geesus Christ I love this kid or wait I guess I'm the kid here because I'm only 15. Danng!

"Hello umm Harry is it? Sorry I'm not very good with names and by the way your hands are really soft but I'm sure you hear that all the time and I'm sorry for how much I talk because I'm terrible at meeting new people and sometimes I gust go on and on and on-"

" Whoa slow down there and why yes I have been told that I have soft hands. I moisturize daily!" i couldn't help but laugh because what straight guys moisturize daily? Hmm is there something im missing?

"Are you..umm... Gay?" I heard laughing coming from the other guys and truthfully I forgt all about them. I guess I got lost in Harry's eyes. Those big, beautiful green eyes that makes your heart skip a beat after just one glance. WAIT what am I saying? Alana Rose Parker's snap out of it! He is way out of your league! Your only 15 and he is 18 and he likes older women! Don't you dare fall because if you do then secrets will be told!

"Alana? Helloo?" I must have really been thinking or arguing with myself for a while because the guys are all staring at me with worried expressions on their faces. They must be thinking about what a childish freak I am.

"Alana are you okay? You look kinda sad and mad but we don't know what happened because we were talking to you and you just go blank, or lifeless but still here, ya know?" That was Liam or daddy direction, he was clearly the most responsible one in the group so that must be why he is daddy direction. I just realized that I'm still off in lala land! Gosh I have to stop doing that! OMG Just stop it! Alright I will! Fine!

I just yelled at myself in my head.. Wow I'm going crazy..

"What? Oh yeah sorry I was just thinking.. Umm guys where are we going?" and then it hit me. I forgot my best friend at the mall. Oh shit!


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