More bad news.

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Once as they both pulled away, the doctor had entered back into the room. “Hello ladies” They both greeted the doctor. He checked Charlotte’s mom and said she wasn’t in the best condition to leave yet “Can I see his body?” Charlotte asked the Doctor. He looked at her and nodded.

She didn’t want to leave her mom but she just had to see him. She looked at her mom “Mom I’ll be right back okay” her mom looked at her and nodded, both Charlotte and the doctor walked out of the room. She followed the doctor to a room that said “Morgue” printed in the center of the door, They both entered and The doctor showed Charlotte her dad’s body. 

He left so she could have some privacy. 

She looked at her dad’s body still not understanding why he would do this to his wife and kid, why could he be so heartless and cheat, was he not happy?, did her mom not give enough? and even if she didn’t he had no right, NO RIGHT at all to go out and cheat. She thought how everyday she would get up go to her classes and get A+ and became the top of her classes just so she could have him proud of her, while he was patrolling around with some other woman. How could he? One single tear drop Fell from her eyes. That’s it, just one. She thought “Do I have so much hate towards him that I feel nothing at all for his death? Did he disappoint me so much that I only stead one tear? He broke my heart, my own father”.

Charlotte wiped that one tear and left the room not looking back, not even one glance. She knew at this point she had to be strong for her mom and be there for her. Make up for all the times when she was at school. Not knowing that what she was about to see was going to tear her apart for the rest of her life. 

She entered her mom’s room and stood there in disbelief of what she was seeing….Her mom she was dead, the heart monitor had stop beating and there was just a lifeless woman laying there on the bed, she knew her mom had taken her life while she wasn’t there, she didn’t want to believe it but that was the first thing that came to her mind and by hearing how her mom blamed herself for the cheating.

Charlotte couldn’t shake off the feeling that her mom did in fact do this on purpose “DOCTOR HELP AHHH PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!” She screamed not knowing what to do, she ran over to her mom’s side and started to cry holding her lifeless body in her hands. The doctor entered and as soon as he saw the body of blood he immediately called the nurse. About 4 Nurses entered the room and at that point they had surrounded her mom and she couldn’t see her. 

Charlotte was escorted out of the room into the waiting Area. All she could do now was cry and pray. After a while the doctor walked over to her and held her in his arms. She knew what had happen she just couldn’t believe this, her mom, her own mother taking her life. Charlotte cried into the doctor’s chest and he rubbed her back in comfort “I’m so sorry Char” Charlotte looked at the doctor and wiped her tears she said thanks and asked if she could see her mom, the doctor said yes and gave her a note before she walked into the room. 

She looked at the note and then opened it, It said “Char I’m sorry for doing this but I just couldn’t live anymore, my one true love had betrayed me and now he is gone, this isn’t your fault sweetheart and I’m sorry you had to see me like this, I’m truly sorry I love you, goodbye”. She hadn’t noticed but there was tears falling down her face. This was unbelievable she thought. Did her mom really love her? did she really? if she did she would be here right now. Is love that cruel, that intense that you would want to take your life, your precious life because you’re in love? Charlotte just didn’t understand anything anymore.

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