2 - Greetings

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A shorter but juicier chapter ;)
Narrators POV

By the end of the music lesson the whole class was deep into playing acoustic guitar. Each student picking a song from the booklet to practise and perform in front of the teacher privately.

Clementine choose to choose a song called 'In The Pines', but was adding to it and mixing it up. The teacher said it was fine if she did a cover, as long as it didn't sound like it was a completely different song.

The bell to signify the end of second period was about to go in around 3 minutes. Deciding to pack up, Clementine finishes the section she was practising and carefully placed the guitar on the wall , going back to her seat.

For a moment she studied all the students around her.

On her table there were 6 other people. A darker boy who actually reminded her a lot of Jayden Smith. A tan boy who had short brown hair. A black kid who looked like he was legit 6. A thicker, red headed girl with freckles. A boy who looked like he had a dead cat on his head, who was heavily typing away at his phone furiously.

And then there was the blonde girl. She seemed to intrigue Clementine more than she liked it. Just her mysterious vibe , and possibly how soft her hands felt, made Clementine want to get to know her.

A tap on Clementine's shoulder got her attention.

"Hey, I can't help but notice that you're the new kid. It's already all gossiped around the grade about how you disturbed 'the twins' on your first day. Do you wanna maybe... hang around with us at recess and lunch today? Because one, you're in for hell with Minnie, and two because you seem cool." The dead cat boy from earlier asked Clementine, studying her expression carefully.

"Um... sure why not." She said with a shrug

"That's great! I'm Marlon. The sexy guy of this group."

"Hey no you're not I am clearly!" The Jayden Smith boy said, eavesdropping on their conversation the entire time.

"Clementine." The 17 year old merely said, glancing at the fidgeting girl next to her out of curiosity.

"Marlon, like I said earlier. And this here is Louis. That's Aasim, Ruby, Tenn and Violet." Marlon said pointing to everyone in the group.

The bell signifying recess rang, and Violet practically sprinted for the door, accidentally shoulder barging Clementine in the process.

When the blonde reaches the doorway, a voice called out to her. "Hey Violet, how about this? MY NAME IS VIOLET. NICE TO MEET YOU CLEMENTINE." Louis said in a joking tone pointing back and forth between the two women.

"What he said..." The blonde muttered before scurrying out the door into the sea of students in the hallway.

"Violet's been through some... rough couple of years. She'll grow on you, I promise." Louis said putting his hand on her shoulder, before escorting Clementine out of the door and into the recess area.

They got their food from their backpacks and went and sat down under a shady spot, under a tree.

Marlon and Louis were deep in conversation. Some other kids Clementine had never seen before were talking to Tenn and Aasim, Ruby was on her phone in her own world.

There on the farthest edge of the group was Violet, scrolling on her phone like Ruby, but she had tears brimming in her eyes, threatening to fall.

Clementine slowly scooted over next to her, not wanting to frighten the blonde girl.

Violet looked up, and Clem gasped at the site. Her eyes reflected due to her tears, but she looked beautiful. This was the first time Clementine had fully been able to see her face. Even if the blonde was only in a baggy purple jumper, sweatpants and converse, she was beautiful.

"Violet. What's wrong? I'm here, it's okay." Clementine asked with a soft and calm tone, making Violet feel warm somehow.

She was trying to keep her boundaries, but stopped completely when Violet attacked her in a hug.

She was surprised to say the least, but what surprised her more was that their bodies seem to mould into each other, like they somehow were made for each other. But Clementine shook it off.

Suddenly Violet got up and ran off, leaving a confused Clementine with mixed emotions and feelings.

She saw the twins smirk at each other and follow Violet into what seemed the bathroom, making Clementine panic.

"Hey guys I've finished my food, I'm just gunna go to the bathroom....." The 17 year old said in a rush, practically sprinting into the girls bathroom, only to see something that made her blood boil.

And now she knew that she wanted to do one thing, and that's punch Minnie's head in.

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