4 - Number

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Thanks to ijustbarelyexist for the song idea! It really relates to this story so much and it's got me addicted to another artist xD so I dedicate this chapter to you!

Narrators POV

"Hey dad..... I have to the bus are you- ugh okay you're lucky I love you Lee! See you at home? Yup, okay bye!" Clementine put her phone away and began to listen to Louis.

"Hey did you hear about the schools annual year dance for each grade is coming up?" Louis said to Violet and Clementine as they waited patiently for their bus to arrive.

"Oh really? When is it?" Clementine says with a nervous tone. She didn't want to admit it but she didn't really have anyone to go with. Maybe Violet will go with her as a friend?

"In..... exactly two weeks." He said checking the date on his black cased iPhone. Violet looked down at her feet in deep thought, like she was tempted to say something but her mouth just wouldn't move.

As soon as she managed to choke out any sound, the echoey screech of the yellow bricked vehicle came into vision, and they all slowly walked off to try and get a seat.

Sighing, Violet decided to not share her ideas. She knew it was wrong to have the feelings she did, she didn't want to tell Clementine. It hadn't even been a damn day.

All the kids lined up and eventually, one by one, crawled onto the bus and found a seat.

"Hey Vi, there's a seat here."

The blonde turned to her right to see Clementine smiling at her wildly, patting the spot next to her.

She gave her a small smile in return, and slowly plopped down into the spot next to the brunette.

"Thanks." Violet said fidgeting with her fingers,  having enough courage to look up at Clementine. The tanned girl gave her a small smile, not really knowing why she was that nervous in the first place, but truth be told, she found it adorable.

The bus ride was mostly silent. Violet had her earphones shoved in her ears, listening to Halsey, while Clementine was tiredly looking at the window. Violet then felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, sorry if I interrupted your music but can I ask a question?"

"Sure, you just asked one so." Violet giggled, making Clementine roll her eyes playfully and nudge the blondes left shoulder.

"Haha very funny, but seriously anyway. Are you going to ask anyone to the dance? If so who? I'm just curious."

"Um.. probably not, no. I don't really have anyone this year to be honest. I mean... I did last year.... but um, things change I guess. What about you?" The dripping hope in the blondes voice was so obvious Clementine would have to be a brick wall to not notice.

"I'm kinda hoping Louis will ask me. I mean I don't feel any like type of sparks around him but he's kinda cute, with his freckles and stuff, so, I guess I like him a little." Clementine says with a slight smile, looking into Violet's ocean eyes. The sun was blazing down on them and when the brunette saw them twinkle, she swore something turned in her stomach, but she shook it off as hunger, as she hadn't eaten too much.

Her phone then buzzed and she smiled immediately, knowing her it was. Her friend from tumblr, who apparently was a guy that goes to her school. They had been texting for a few months now on the app.

From: LoveFreckledBoy
To: ClemorBiscuits

Monday, 3:42pm.

- Hey! Are you on the bus or anything? I'm bored right now. And I miiigghhtt have some sweet deets about someone.

From: ClemorBiscuits
To: LoveFreckledBoy

Monday, 3:42pm

- Um yes please! Spill the tea ☕️

From: LoveFreckledBoy
To: ClemorBiscuits

Monday, 3:42pm

-Well. You know how we originally messaged each other about our sexuality struggles? Well I've figured it out, I'm fucking gay. I'm super duper oooooper gay and I'm scared because there was this new person in our group and she's kinda staring at me, but I don't like her. I like a boy that's on my bus, his name is James.

From: ClemorBiscuits
To: LoveFreckledBoy

Monday, 3:45pm

- Jesus! That's one hell of a day if I do say so myself. I'm still very confused with my sexuality. One day I think I'm straight, the think I think I'm bi, it's just so confusing. There is this one blonde girl in my new group though, that is REALLY confusing me. But idk I'm probably straight but IDKKK. Like she really fucking confuses me. Also, when the hell can I meet you? I go to your school now after all!

From: LoveFreckledBoy
To: ClemorBiscuits

Monday, 3:46pm

-Well, maybe Clemor, we could meet. Eventually. But not right now, I'm a bit scared you know? I'm sorry if I'm a party pooper. Everything's just a scary, gay mess, you know? Again, I'm so damn sorry in advance. Also oooo a blonde chick, can I catch her name?

From: ClemorBiscuits
To: LoveFreckledBoy

- Hmmmm maybe. But like you said, 'not right now', because that gives you a huge clue on who I am is all.

From: LoveFreckledBoy
To: ClemorBiscuits

- Awwwwe man! Was worth the try though!

The brunette giggled quietly. The boy cracked her up, but they respected each other's private life's, but still knew everything about them, if that made sense. They didn't know each other's names, looks or anything. Just their entire story with code names and blank puzzle pieces.

To her, she referred him as Freckles, or Love. To him, he referred to her as Clemor, Clemmy or Biscuit.

"Hey Vi, this is my stop. I'll ... see you tomorrow, okay?" Clementine says with a polite smile, grabbing her backpack off the floor and slinging it over her shoulder. The blonde merely nodded and made a little bit of room that was not enough needed for her, which ended up in her head almost in Clementine's ass.

And she thought she couldn't get anymore redder.

Then the girl suddenly realised the crumpled piece of paper that was still in her back pocket. Panicking, she called out.

"Clementine! Here!" She was thrown a tiny paper ball, but still managed to get it in her hands, making her mentally fist bump herself.

"Thanks!" The girl yelled, getting a side glance from the grumpy bus driver, before walking off the yellow hell on wheels.

When she opened it up, she saw somethings that made her smile, but also something confusing.

"Hey! Call me! *insert number here*

W̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶g̶o̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶d̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶m̶e̶?̶"

She could only read "will you go to the", and that only confused her to more end. She shook it off though, finally moving her feet up the pathway quickly. She wanted to get home and text Violet.

She really, really, wanted be friends with her, she didn't really know why. She just did.

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