3 - Bathroom

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Narrators POV

Clementine's fists turned a ghost white. Her jaw tightening so sharp that she thought she was going to literally snap.

Violet stood against the wall, her back squished into the corner as she looks vulnerable, emotionless, but also strong, standing her ground.

Minnie stood over her, Sophie standing to the side watching the scene go down.

"Violet baby.... I'm sorry....please take me back. I didn't mean to cheat on you with him! It... i-it was a drunken mistake I swear!" Minnie pleaded, holding Violet's hands with a small smile that was plastered on her face.

Violet looked at their hands. It once felt perfect, but now it just didn't feel right.

"You fucking broke me. I can never... quite forgive you Minz." Violet muttered, looking down at her feet and letting go of Minnie's hand.

"Ugh this dare was a waste of time." Clementine swore she heard Minnie mutter under her breath. And that's when Violet noticed her and smiled to herself.

"Why? Why did I choose to date such an ugly, worthless shit head like you! You're ...literally... nothing..." Minnie snapped, her fist tightening.

The girl raised her hand, it looked like she was going to slap Violet and Clementine panicked.

She ran in between Violet and Minnie, a hard force coming down on her cheek.

She realised she had been slapped, and she looked up with nothing in her chocolate brown eyes. "You just fucked up." Clementine growled.

"I may not know this girl. This may be my first day here. But for fucks sake don't you dare touch this girl. From what I see she has been broken and torn apart because of you, and even after that she still continued to be cute." Clementine began to rant, edging closer and closer to Minnie, not knowing the words that were even coming out of her mouth.

"Cute? What are you her little girlfriend?" Minnie scoffed with an annoying tone. Clementine stood tall, not bothered by the comment, but little did she know Violet was a fidgeting mess behind her.

"Fuck off Minnie. Classes are about to start again." Clementine says grabbing ahold of Violet's hand gently and leading her past the twins and out the the door, not before glaring at them one last time and flipping them off.

The two teenagers got to their lockers, and a moment of silence shadowed over them. They looked in to each other's eyes, searching for anything to cling onto, but they found nothing.

"T-thanks for um... I guess 'saving' me." Violet stuttered out awkwardly, giving Clementine a half smile. The other girl returned the smile and said "It's all good, why is she such a bitch to you anyway?"

"We've got...... history." Violet muttered quietly, all the memories hitting her like a bullet, making her grimace.

"But it was years ago don't worry"

Clementine noticed that Violet wanted to desperately change the subject, and she respected her wishes.

"What classes do you have next?" Clementine asks, unlocking her locker with her key. It seemed they were the only ones there, as they still had a few minutes of recess.

"Ummm .... Math and English. You?"

"Hey me too! We can walk together if you would like to...." Clementine asked shyly, scratching the back of her neck and shutting her locker tight, double checking if she locked it.

"Um..sure..... I guess. I'll just get my books." Violet said coolly, grabbing her books from her locker silently.

Clementine studied her face. She seemed like one to keep to herself and be a bit introverted. Which was in a way kind of cute. The girl had bright blonde hair, that was short and thin. It caressed over her face and Clementine couldn't look away and she didn't know why.

Violets eyes were an amazing green, that seemed to have hints of blue in them that reflected so perfectly. Her jaw line was sharp and strong, her lips on the bigger side and soft. She was terribly skinny and beautiful. Clementine was actually worried about how skinny she was, but she shook it off.

"Ready to go Vi?" Clementine asked as soon as the bell went. The blonde nodded silently and walked over to Clementine.

The two girls walked down the halls to their math classroom, which wasn't that far away thankfully. Deciding to sit in the middle row, Clementine quietly reached into her bag and pulled out her black rimmed glasses.

"Wait you have glasses?" Violet asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah I do, I know I know I look like a nerd." Clementine giggled.

"Nah you look really cute in them." Violet responded with a sly wink, making Clementine freeze from shock.

They then both stared at the board, both of the girls were shocked. Violet because she is the worst at flirting, and Clementine because she got butterflies in her stomach.

Thankfully students started piling in, and the two girls snapped out of their trance and began to act normal again, chatting away and starting a conversation about how great chicken nuggets are.

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