Chapter 1

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Really quick " You talking." You thinking or talking in your head. 

You were in the middle of the woods, tracking. You got down on one knee with your bow in one hand and a quiver of arrows on your back. You touched some fresh tracks in the middle of the mud, and rubbed it in between your thumb and finger.

There fresh, he's still near.

You climbed up a tree and saw him. You licked your finger and put it up in the air, letting you know which way the wind was blowing and how strong it was blowing. 

No need for correction.

You drew an arrow and placed it in the middle of the bow, pulling back to your chest. You took a deep breath and everything silenced, you were deep in thought. You let the arrow go aand it soared towards it's target, piercing it.


You jumped down from the tree and went over to the deer with an arrow in it's brain.

??? "Not bad."

You looked behind you and saw your dad.

Dad "You know, even though your only 10, you have some good skill."


Dad 'Your better then i was at that age that's for sure, and that's coming from a cop."

I wanna be a cop just like you dad.

Dad "Well, Id be happy to teach you some things. But are you sure your ready? The training i can give you is pretty tough for someone your age."

I can do it, don't worry.

Dad "Alright, now let's take this guy here to the stands for our points. Can't forget it was the first person to get something back to the stands, let's secure that spot."


* 13 Years Old. *

Dad "Ready?"


Your dad took a swing at you and you blocked it with one arm, using your other arm, you sent a fist towards his face. He dodged out of the way and used the fore to push you back, sending you flying forward. He jumped and tried throwing a punch right at your face but you dodged out of the way. You kicked in the back of his leg and put him in a choke hold, and stayed there until he tapped your shoulder. You let him go and he smiled at you.

Dad "Your pretty good."

Your not so bad yourself old man.

Dad "Who's the old man here? I'm only in my late thirties so I'm not old just yet."

But your getting there.

Dad "Yeah, and you'll be old to. Cmon, i got someone i want you to meet."

You both hoped into your dad car and drove towards the heart of Chicago. When you stopped you were in the parking lot of a police station and you both walked inside. When you got to the desk you dad just gave one look at his friend.

Jordan "David, Y/n, nice seeing you two here. He's already waiting in the back, follow me."

You all walked down a hallway area and Jordan tried making small talk along the way.

Jordan "So, hows your training going Y/n?"

Good, I'm even able to beat the old man here.

Dad "What did i tell you earlier?"

Jordan chuckled.

Jordan "Man David, if this kid can beat you how are we supposed to trust you with real crimes?"

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