Chapter 3

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So of course, only I would be dumb enough to laugh in that situation, causing me to get kidnapped. 

I woke up in a van, a small room bit with a bed inside. We were moving pretty fast. Normally in these situations, you should always try to keep track of where you are, try to figure out turns and sounds that sound familiar, but I couldnt do that because I was knocked out, so I had no idea were I was, or how long we had been driving for.

Hmm..... Think, think, think...... God im hungry. Well, I want to see who the idiot kidnappers are. See if there nice guys or not. I started singing one of the songs I made up, which is pretty awesome if you ask me:

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.... am a puuuurple uniccccooooorrrnnnn, running, running, in a field of raaaaiiiiinnnbows and buuuuutterfliiiieeeessss, come, come see my in my puuuurple ninja coooaaaa-" As I was singing as loud and terrible as I could, the doory burst open

"Will you SHUT UP????"

My jaw dropped. 

"Are you fuckin kidding me?" The first extremely smart words out of my mouth. But, come on, I had a right to. Because, standing right in front of me, was Ashley Purdy. As in, the one in Black Veil Brides.

And, I did exactly what only I would do:

I started laughing my ass off.

Five minutes later, when I was rolling on the floor now, Ashley backed away, kind of scared.

"Why the fuck did we get a lunatic?"

And with that, all four members of the Black Veil Brides were surrounding me. Mostly looking very scared. I mean, you would too if the person you just kidnapped was laughing her head off. I stopped laughing.

"Are you gunna shut up now?" Andy asked. I mean, I was definetaly scared, who wouldnt be? But I dont show fear. Or cry. I think it just shows that your weak. And, of course, instead of saying something normal, I said,

"Are you gunna give me food now?" They looked at me weirdly. Come on, I didnt even eat my pancakes I was SUPPOSED to make yet. I would act all scared and crap later. After all, I would have gotten away if I havent started laughing. Oh well, soon this will be over. Thats my motto, cause you gotta admit, its true. Even if something isnt going well now, soon you wont even remember it, so you may as well get on with it.

"Any preferences sexy?" Ashley winked. I always heard he was a pervert, I didnt know it was true.

"Yes, for you to shut up, get me food, and then let me go." He laughed.

"Sorry sweetheart, no can do." In a simple movement, my foot connected hard with his crotch, and he was whimpering on the ground.

"I wanna just remind you, if I hadnt been laughing and you hadnt used that stuff on me, your asses would be in jail right now, because your ass would be kicked. Just remember what I can do."

Immediatly, Andy started rubbing his ribs sorely, Jinx and CC put there hand over there manly part, and Jake covered his nose. Well, now I know who I did what to. I turnes to Ashley, struggling to get up.

"And im guessing your the pathetic wimp that ran away." I glared a him, and he immediatly shrinked into the backround. Andy looked at me through his ice blue eyes. I admit, they all look sexy and stuff, but im not one of those weird girls who would say that and want to be kidnapped.

"You really arent like most girls." I smiled sweetly at him. Ugh, these ropes are hurting my hands. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! IM SO FREAKIN HUNGRY!

"Are you gunna give me food now?" Andy chuckled dryly. "I think you should learn a little disipline before we do anything."