Part 1: Summer Camp

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Izuku Midoriya awakens from bed excitedly as today is the trip to the camp where he will spend his summer improving his quirk with his classmates.

He did his normal routine and packed his bags for the summer trip. He walked out the door excited. His mom approached him as she said
"See you when you get back, be safe Izuku, love you!"
Izuku replied "Thanks mom, see you when I get back."

Timeskip bought to you by a chili deku on the bus mumbling.

As the bus came to a halt on the side of a cliff, both Class 1-A and 1-B were greeted by the team 'Pussycats'. As soon as the students, they were launched straight off the cliff in to forest where their trial would begin.

After fending off dirt beasts they arrived in the camp.

"Congrats, only took 2 hours." Mandalay stated sarcastically as she then looked at the main 3 students Izuku, Bakugo and Todoroki covered head to toe in dirt and a few scratches.

After cleaning up and having dinner, the students spent time partying inside the hall of the camp. Each class went separate ways after arriving in the place they will spend the 2 weeks resting at the camp. As Class 1-A entered the girls all went into one room to play Truth or Dare which made the boys worried except for Izuku, he was clueless to why everyone was freaking out. Todoroki didn't care as he went to sleep early and Bakugo always being angry at nothing (Usual Bakugo behaviour).

As Izuku was getting ready for bed, his eyes started flashing yellow every once in a while looking in the mirror. He blinked and one was yellow while the other was green. He ignored this and went to bed, thinking his mind to was messing with him. But unknown to him, his actual quirk was activating really late.

If you enjoyed this chapter, thank you for reading. I had no idea people would be interested. This is my first restart on a first story.

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