What kinda couple you guys are

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Peter- The "Dangerous" couple. You like to scare off people by day and have hot intimate moments by night. People knew never to mess with either of you because there would be some serious consequences if they did. Everyone hated you but envied you at the same time.

Scott- The "Prom" couple. Everyone knew you belonged to each other and that you make the perfect couple. You two were just made for each other and nothing could break you guys.

Derek- The "Confusing" couple. You guys were the couple that broke up almost all the time but always got back together. You may have a lot of fights but the makeup sex is amazing ;) (Hahaha I hope my mom never reads this XD)

Stiles- The "Awkward" couple. No one really knew if you were together or not because you weren't big on PDA. You acted more like best friends than boyfriend and girlfriend but somehow people knew that you guys were off limits.

Liam- The "Lovey Dovey" couple. You two are always being cute and romantic towards each other and it makes some people jealous and others just plain annoyed. But you guys didn't care because all you could think about was each other.

Haha I had fun making these cx