Chapter 17 Normal for Niall

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Chapter 17

***Harry's POV***

We had been eavesdropping for a really long time. I don't even know why we were- we could hardly hear a thing, except on the common occasions when Eleanor screamed. The other boys didn't come until the end, when the girls were talking about...phones? luckily they didn't find out about Claud and I. My God, if they had...


***Claudia's POV*** (Back to present)

We all went outside, and my jaw dropped at the sight of the limo waiting for us. Woah.

"Liam! Guess what-ness?!" El said, jumping up and down a little.

"Um, what-ness?" He asked.

"I texted Dani and she's gonna be here in 10 to go SHOPPING WITH US!" She turned to me, "Danielle is Liam's giiiiirlfriend," I nodded.

Liam's eyes lit up at the mention of her. Awww! He broke into a wide grin,"Great! Thank you so much Eleanor!"

"You're welcome!" She did a little happy dance.


"Wow, El, you really go all out for a shopping trip," I remarked as I watched her write a list of the stores we were going to, "We need to go to the grocery store," I said. She nodded and added it to the list.

A silver convertible pulled up and a pretty girl with curly brown hair hopped out and ran into Liam's outstretched arms.

"They haven't seen each other for a month," El whispered in my ear after I raised my eyebrows when their kiss lasted for a, um, long time, "I know I'm the best!" She giggled.

"You are," Louis agreed, coming up from behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her cheek.

"UGH! Too much PDA!" Niall said, opening the door of the limo and getting into in. Zayn followed, then Harry, me, Louis and Eleanor who were holding hands, and when they finally pulled apart, Danielle and Liam. The seats in the limo were arranged in a square, 3x3, making 12 seats in all. Dani and Liam sat in one section of seats, El and Louis in another, Zayn and I in one, and Harry and Niall in the last.

Harry tried to sit in the 2nd seat, next to Niall, but he received a look from the Irish boy and sighed, then scooted over to the 3rd. Niall picked up a huge bag I hadn't noticed earlier. He situated it on the seat and buckled it in. I burst out laughing.

"Don't laugh at Darla!" He said, only succeeding in making me laugh even harder.

Everyone else only looked slightly amused, probably because this was normal for Niall. When my laughter subsided, I asked, "What's in it?"

"HER!" Niall screamed.

"Food," Harry answered for him, pulling a bag of crisps out of it.

"NO! THAT'S MINE!" Niall screamed.

"UGH. We haven't even left yet, and I already have a headache," Liam said.

"Aw baby," Danielle said, "Oh my God, I almost forgot!" She looked at me," Hi, I'm Danielle!" How do you forget to introduce yourself to someone?...but she seemed nice enough, I guess.

"Oh, hi! I'm Claudia," I said.

The car started to move.

"You probably think I'm some PDA-loving fool, to put it nicely. There are a lot of words you probably want to call me right now. I'm not normally like this-"

She was cut off by Liam, "Maybe I like you like this."

"Shut up, I'm talking. Quit trying to flirt with me; I'm already your girlfriend," She reprimanded him, making me laugh. She continued, "As I was saying, I'm normally a lot more level-headed than this. It's just been a month and..." She trailed off, looking worried.

"Nah, don't worry, I don't think that at all. I find your relationship adorable; it makes me want to get a boyfriend."

"Really? I could set you up with one of Jessie J.'s other backup dancers. Ooh, I know this one- Andy. He's super sweet and if I do say so myself," She glanced over at Liam, "He is quite dashing," She winked.

Liam turned to her, "I heard that," He said.

"Two words for you," Dani told him, "Leona. Lewis."

Liam blushed bright red. "OH YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT BABY! SHE READS THE BOOKS!" Eleanor, who had been surprisingly quiet throughout the past couple minutes screamed.

Louis gasped, "Are you calling other people baby?!"

As if on cue, both of them started screaming/singing, "BABY BABY BABY OHHHH!"


Harry leaned over and said, "Leona is Liam's celebrity crush, it was in one of our books, and Niall is obsessed with J.B."

I nodded my head, "Thanks."

I glanced over a Zayn. He was fast asleep. Good idea. I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep.


"Can't we just let them sleep?They look so adorable," I heard someone say- Harry?

"NO!" Louis and Eleanor shouted at the same time, "We have to go shopping!" El added.

All of a sudden, the car horn sounded. I fell out of my seat, nearly choking myself with my seat belt.

"For God's sake, Niall!" Liam yelled.

I felt a pair of strong arms unbuckle the seat belt and lift me up and out of the car. I looked up and saw Harry.

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