ocean eyes

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Two songs above to listen to at romantic or nice parts of the chapter if you want. 

Suggested parts: 

1) Percabeth scene 

2) Hazel & Annabeth heartfelt talk 

Percy POV:

When we finally settle around the campfire, my mind can't stop going back to Annabeth's trembling hands as she completes a task, she never could wrap her head around doing. The amount of courage she had to draw was incredibly inspiring to me. I instantly found a new form of respect for her, and I think that my liking towards her has now grown stronger. I also cannot wrap my head around not apologizing yet for my outbreak last night, for everything. I just need to find the right time to do so. Although, to be honest, when you're in Survivor there is never a right time. But not always a wrong time.

Annabeth's hair glows in the firelight, the sunset on the horizon, casting a sort of pink glow on the beach and ocean waves. I blink, breaking my stare when Leo asks, "Who wants to go for an evening swim?"

"Yes!" Connor jumps up, sprinting toward the beach.

Getting up we go after them. As I turn to my left, I see the camera crews jumping up. They have been waiting for action, for drama, for anything. But all we have been doing it cooking and eating and sitting by the fire in peace. So, they left us alone to review their footage for the day. Now, they want to catch this. I mean, if I were watching this season, I would definitely be mad if they didn't capture this moment. My brain backpedals for a moment...I will be watching this season.

You see, with Survivor, they film and way before they release. Like most TV Shows. And so, we film all the way till the votes from the jury are cast for the winner. Then we have to wait for months. The show comes on TV, and we will watch it every Wednesday as the episodes come out. It is then when the live show comes that we will first watch the last couple episodes, talk and review everything with the cast and then Jeff will read the votes for the winner.

Survivor also films interviews throughout the season. I will probably have more featured at the start than Annabeth, or others that'll go home sooner more than me. Reason for this is because Annabeth at the start was downplaying herself, now that we are in the meat of the game she can come out as a strong player. Usually, strong players, smarts and physicality are major targets, and she knew this coming into the game. Instead, Annabeth didn't fake weakness like most would do, she just didn't show her strengths. At the beginning of Survivor, you want strong people in your tribe to help you get Immunity and rewards, but once an individual comes, all strong players are targets. Now that does not mean that in the early day's strong players aren't voted out. Sometimes a tribe will either get them out before they get to the merge, or they'll get them out the first day which is a moment you scream at the TV because it's an idiotic move so early in the game.

Anyway, I have another interview tomorrow that'll recap everything over the episode. They'll usually ask you questions of how you felt in that situation of the point in the episode to jog your memory. The hardest part I find is answering in the present tense, which makes watching the moment and then hearing the player say their thoughts during it easier to follow along.

Water splashes up my legs and coldness shudders through me. I bolt past everyone and shallow dive headfirst into the ocean.

Annabeth's POV:

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