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Wonted Heat-

Jacko thought he had everlasting love and happiness until was left for dead. Now, with his perfect face and renewed clarity, he is exacting his revenge.

A 27-year-old rancher, Jackob "Jacko" Lacorte, thought he had it all. At his side, he had a young, beautiful, kind wife, Raquel “Kels” Zapanta, who stuck by him in spite of his lack of good looks. Everything changes when Jacko was left for dead and comes to the realization that Kels’ motivations for being with him was his wealth, not love.

Hiding out until while he can hatch the perfect plan for his revenge, Jacko watches as his wife and her father enjoy the spoils of his riches while he agonizingly makes preparations to avenge himself.

Before long, Jacko emerges with a brand new face and personality that melts every woman who crosses his path. He will use this perfect face, body, power, and money to get his revenge on Kels and everyone involved in his attempted murder. The problem is that when he reunites with Kels, he finds the passion has not gone away.

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