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Pen Your Pride

Author's note:

Hey guys! Okay so this is my first ever fanfic and first ever story on wattpad. Hope you like it :).... I was inspired by all the other billion fanfics I read. PS: please don't copy anything in this story and put it in your story .... cuz if u do i'll find you and come after you with SPOONS! lol jk ... but still please don't :) ... So hope you enjoy reading this and now i shall shut up and let u read in peace :) One more thing dont forget to vote and comment :)

Trailer is on the side! Thanks to @dreamswriter :D


Chapter 1:

Alisha's P.O.V :-

Riana shouted from behind me, "Alisha! This is the last shop we're going to! My feet are killing me!"

I smiled and then said, "Ok fine but if I don’t fine the perfect shoes that will match my outfit you ARE going shopping with me tomorrow again"

Riana replied, "You can shop all you want but I am never and I repeat NEVER EVER going shoe shopping with you. We must have been to at least twenty shops by now and you still haven't found the perfect pair of shoes for yourself and this is coming from a girl who is a total shopaholic."

I giggled and then said making a puppy-dog face , "Pleeeeeaaassseee. You're my best friend and if you wont come shoe shopping with me then who will?"

Riana crossed her arms and then said with one raised eyebrow, " Really, Alisha really? You're emotionally blackmailing me?"

I stuck my tongue out at her and then said, "Is it working?"

Riana replied with a smirk on her face, "Nope."

I started to fake sob. Riana laughed and then said, "Okay Okay! I'll come, but this is the last shop I'm going to with you for today."

I hugged her and then said, "Yay! Ok fine, this is the last shop for today."

We entered the shop and there they were! The perfect pair of shoes I had been looking for all day long. They would look marvelous with the royal blue dress I was going to wear. I looked at Riana and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh Riana! There they are!" I dashed towards the pair of shoes, grabbing one of the shoe. I looked at the size. It was a perfect fit. I looked back at rack searching for the other pair. It wasn't there instead it was in a man's hand who was standing next to me.


 I looked at the guy who was holding the other pair. I couldn't really see his face because he was wearing a hoody and sun-glasses. He could not possibly want those shoes. They were mine! Mine, mine, mine! Riana was standing behind me staring. She knew me too well, she knew that if I want those shoes I will get them no matter what.

I looked at the man and then said politely, "Umm, excuse me. You have my shoe in your hand."

He replied with a thick British accent, "Your shoe? I don't think this is your shoe. It belongs to the shop. "

I still could not see his face properly. Who ever he was certainly did not have any manners.

I replied, "Yeah but you see I was going to buy it so it techniacally is my shoe ."

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