43: Seven weddings

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"Do we always end up together?" I asked eventually.

Clark had calmed down and even chuckled at the question. "Yes. Every single time, but each time I have time traveled you always fall in love with Superman before Clark... I still don't know why since before all the time traveling you fell in love with Clark first."

"So what was different about the time travel that led you here?" I asked.

"Lot's of things. The fight with Batman, what happened with your family, me thinking you had a boyfriend when it was actually Oliver on the phone, us moving in together before marriage." He explained.

"No that's not what I... Wait have we been married more than once?" I asked.

"Seven times. The picture I showed you was from the first time we married. I have some of the others here." Clark said, pulling out his phone and allowing me to scroll through pictures of me in different wedding dresses, in different weddings where in each one I was the bride. "Fells weird looking at these. Must be full on happy memories for you but... I can't remember any or these."

"Our weddings were perfect each time." He smiled.

"Wait what happened here?" I asked, laughing at a picture of me in a couture wedding dress, wet from head to toe, laughing next to Clark who was equally soaked.

"It was a rainy day." Clark shrugged with a smile.

"I thought you said each wedding was perfect?"

"They were for us. We were always happy no matter what happened. Once our wedding cake fell to the floor and another time our wedding venue was cancelled and we had to marry on our backyard, once we allowed your brother to act as the priest and marry us and his speech was... Kind of disgusting."

I laughed just knowing how bad that must have been: "Was I angry at him?"

"No. Nothing made you feel bad on these days." Clark said shaking his head, a happy smile on his face.

"So my family was always with us?"

"Yes... I ended up being good friends with your brother even though we had some difference of opinion on the whole Superhero thing. Too bad he doesn't like me this time around." Clark mumbled. I felt like there was something he wasn't telling me, but now was not the time to start up an argument. "My mom too. You've always liked her and she considers you a part of our family each time. She's also the only one I ever tell about the time travel thing. Each time I come back, it's something I do on the first week."

"That's nice." For a while we were silent again. I had a million questions but I could feel the tension in the air... It was Clark's time to talk.

"There's a pattern you know? Took me a while to figure it out..."

I stayed silent and looked at him with a questioning look on my face.

"Two months less... Each time I come back in time we have two months less."

"What do you mean?"

"When you had cancer you and I were together for three years and a week before you died. When I time traveled you died 2 years and ten moths later, and after that; 2 years and eight months; and then 2 years and six months and it has been an endless circle ever since, each time having less time with you before you die." Clark mumbled pain clear in his voice.

"And you've time traveled 19 times... How much time does it give us now?" I asked, scrunching my eyebrows together.

"This is the last two moths. The next time you die I won't be able to time travel back. Our time will be up no matter how hard I try to bring you back..." Clark said looking at me with agony.

I went through it in my head and came upon a revelation... "Tomorrow... Tomorrow it will be two months since my internship started..."

Clark nodded.

"I'm going to die tomorrow?"


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