Chapter 2

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Louis had been standing at the front door trying to keep Harry from falling asleep before he was changed into his pajamas knowing there would be a major tantrum if the boy were woken up. He had also been trying to sing with Liam to keep the boy happy while they waited for Daddy to come and unlock the front door.


Instantly the little boy turned his head to his Papa. "I'm sorry"

Zayn once again had a struggling Niall in his arms. "What's wrong baby?"

"What are you sorry for?" Louis asked because really it ought to be everyone else in the room to be sorry except for Niall.

"I'm supposed to be in time out" Niall tried to explain. Daddy had let him out but it was Papa that had sent him. Wasn't it Papa that had to let him out?

"No baby, I let you out because you were so good remember?" Zayn asked begging Niall to just settle down and let himself be held.

"Papa didn't, I was bad" Niall argued as he managed to almost get himself dropped.

Louis instantly jumped into the conversation, "Oh sweetheart, no. You've been so good"

Niall gave Louis such a hopeful look, "really?"

"Yes" both parents agreed enthusiastically.

Just then the other two boys didn't feel like being ignored any longer.

"Papaaaa" Liam whined, tugging on Louis' arm. Harry just started letting out frustrated whimpers and cries to let everyone knew how he felt.

Louis sighed but hushed the boys in his grasp, "I'll put them down while you feed Niall?"

"Sounds good" Zayn agreed.

Louis took Liam and Harry upstairs to bed while Zayn started walking towards the kitchen with Niall in his arms.

Niall was loving the attention he was getting. Not only was he let out of time out early but also he was getting a late supper and alone time with Daddy. All of those things were so rare.

"I'm just going to set you at the table while I fix you something to eat alright Ni?" Zayn asked gently.

Niall sighed but nodded. He wanted to be held but knew that good boys did as their Daddy's asked.

Zayn frowned as Niall sat in his chair looking down at his lap. He missed the happy little boy that used to bounce around the kitchen singing silly songs to his baby brother. But that little boy hadn't been seen in a long time.

As Zayn set about making Niall a quick sandwich and grapes he couldn't help but think back to the last time he'd seen Niall so energetic. It hadn't been that long after they'd started age play.

All the boys had become stressed with the sudden fame and quickly found themselves falling into different roles. Louis and Zayn were hands down the parents. Liam was somewhere near four or five years old when he was tired. Harry was the baby of the group thus the baby of the family. Niall had been the middle child, too old to be a baby but too young to be a child, he was the toddler.

They had all started happily; everyone had their own rooms decorated to fit their needs. Three time out stools were placed in the front room facing the wall and a playpen was purchased as well as tons of toys. The boys got along with each other and they seemed to love their Papa and Daddy.

At work they were still one direction. A few changes were made. Harry started to have issues controlling his bladder so they put him in pull-ups while working. Niall was starting to have a hard time as well so he went into pull-ups full time because even at home he needed them where as Harry was in diapers. Otherwise they were a happy band of boys to the public and a little family in private.

As the months went on Niall seemed to be the one that liked to get into trouble more than the other two. One day they were all in time out for getting the crayons stuck in the ceiling – a true group effort if ever there was one – and Niall had started pestering the other two, the boy just wouldn't stop. Eventually Zayn and Louis had moved Niall's time out stool to the back entrance and put a little timer there so that when it went off he could get up (incase they couldn't see him and didn't come to get him out after his ten minutes were up).

Things just went down hill from there. It almost seemed as though Niall liked going to time out with the rate at which the boy was sent there. Almost every time Niall was in the room with his brothers he got into some sort of trouble. Well... maybe not every time if what Niall had said today was true. Louis and he might be relying on Harry and Liam's word a little too much.

Sighing and coming out of his thoughts Zayn took the completed sandwich and placed it in front of his blonde headed little one. "Here you go baby"

Niall looked down at his plate, a ham sandwich and green grapes. He hated ham and green grapes. But he was hungry and Daddy had made it just for him. He had just gotten out of time out and he didn't want to be sent back because he refused to eat the food.

"Aren't you hungry babe?" Zayn asked in concern when Niall didn't immediately go for the food.

Niall turned and gave his Daddy his best stage smile, "Yes, thank you"

Zayn smiled back and turned to clean up the mess he'd made as Niall frowned and choked down his meal.

Louis came into the room just as Niall was finishing his food. "Hi Niall"

"Hi Papa" Niall responded as he stood up to carry his plate to the sink. Now that he'd eaten he wanted to get cleaned up and head to bed. He was tired and excited that he wasn't in time out during bedtime that meant he could sleep in his bed. It has been so long since he's been good enough to sleep in his bed.

Louis gave Niall a sad look. He couldn't believe what they'd don; they'd forgotten their little one at home while they went out for a nice evening.

"What do you say to a bath? Huh baby?" Louis asked as he ran his hand through Niall's hair watching as the boy practically purred at the gesture.

Niall's grin couldn't have been wider. "Yes please."

"Well then a bath it is" Zayn agreed, clapping his hands together and following Louis and Niall out of the room.

As Zayn filled the big bath tub in one of the two master bedroom's (this one was Louis' the other his) Louis laid Niall out on the changing table in the bathroom.

"Let's get you all ready" He said smiling down at Niall. Removing the boy's jeans Louis saw Niall's soaked pull-up. "Oh, baby did you have an accident?"

Niall's eyes grew moist, "Sorry Papa"

"No, no love" Louis was quick to assure, "It's not your fault. I just wish you hadn't sat in it for so long"

Niall looked away, upset that he'd screwed up already. He just couldn't stay good. How long would this cost him in time out? So much for getting to sleep in his bed tonight.

"It's all ready" Zayn said turning to see the angry rash that was spread across Niall's lower area.

"So's the little one" Louis replied lifting Niall up and gently placing the boy in the tub.

Niall loved his bath. He had both of his parents attention, his hair had been massaged with shampoo and conditioner and his rash was lathered in cream at the end. It had been amazing.

"All right Ni, you sleep well" Zayn said as he laid the boy down in his bed. It was a basic cot turned toddler bed. The side where the railing used to come down was removed and replaced with a short side that had an opening at the end.

"Night Daddy"

"We'll see you in the morning, baby" Louis said as he placed a kiss to Niall's forehead.

"Night Papa"

As soon as the door was closed and the hallway was dark and silent Niall sat up and climbed out of bed. Trudging to his time out stool he could have cried. This evening had been so nice and he'd had to screw it up by having an accident (or two) in his pull-up. He'd have to work on that from now on, he could hold it longer, he knew that he could.

He could be better.

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