Chapter 4

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Zayn walked into the kitchen with Niall and found Louis trying to force Harry into his high chair.

"Come on baby," Louis pleaded, "Stop fighting and just sit."

"No!" Harry screamed. "I'm not a baby and I don't want to sit in the baby chair!"

"Harry," Zayn tried to assist, "That is your seat. There are five of us and five seats at the table, where else do you plan to sit?"

"There," Harry pointed to the seat next to Liam, the seat that held Niall's booster seat.

"Harry," Louis started to explain patiently, "That's Niall's..."

"It's fine," Niall cut in, "I'll switch with Harry"

"You sure Nialler?" Zayn asked.

"Yes," Niall spit out. If it would make Harry happy then he would do it. If Harry were happy then Harry and Liam would be less likely to try and get him in trouble. Also, if he sits in the highchair then he's between Daddy and Papa.

"Alright," Louis reluctantly agreed.

The highchair was Harry's however as Louis lowered Harry into the booster seat he was hard pressed to remember the last time that the curly haired boy had actually sat in the thing. Which brought up the question – when was the last time that Niall was at the table with them?

Feeling like a bigger jackass than he ever had before Louis set about making breakfast with Zayn now that all three children were settled at the table.

Niall sat quietly in the highchair. He found that he didn't mind it as much as he thought he would and was confused as to why Harry was making such a big deal over having to sit in it.

The highchair was away from the other two, which meant that they couldn't take the food from his plate and leave him with all the vegetables. Niall could choke down his portion but two? He never seemed able to do so which usually meant he was in the corner for a while.

Also Niall couldn't be blamed for poking Liam under the table if he was too far away to do so. Niall never did poke Liam but he was always blamed – which lead to corner time.

The seat was soft too. He was padded on all sides and could sit here way more comfortable than the hard plastic booster seat.

Final bonus – he was closer to Daddy and Papa. He had both of their attention if he was in the highchair.

"Eat up," Papa called, placing a plate of three pancakes in front of Niall.

"Hey!" Liam whined, "Why does Niall have three and I only have two?"

"You can have more when you finish what's on your plate," Louis answered avoiding the actual question.

As he was cooking Louis had been wracking his brain as to why he hadn't seen Niall at the table with them. He wanted to strangle himself when he couldn't remember when the blond head had last sat at the table with the rest of the family.

This revelation also brought to mind the ribs that were visible from underneath Niall's skin the night before in the tub. Thus leading to three pancakes right off the bat. And if Niall wanted more then by all means, Louis wasn't about to question it.

"Liam can have one of mine," Niall piped up, already picking up a pancake to hand over.

"No, Niall," Zayn grabbed the boys' hand, "That's your food bud. It stays on your plate until it goes in your tummy"

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