Chapter 3

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Neither Zayn nor Louis slept much that night. Both beating themselves up for leaving their little boy. How could they have forgotten Niall? There was no valid reason for doing so and they could not go back to change the past. The one thing they could do was make sure that they knew where Niall was at all times.

As soon as Zayn's alarm went off the following morning he was out of bed and dressed in record time, bumping in Louis on his way to Niall's bedroom.

"I'll get Niall and breakfast while you get the other two?" Zayn offered.

"Alright," Louis agreed.

Zayn knocked gently on Niall's door as he walked in, "Morning little.... Niall?" The bed was empty and Zayn was freaking out. Until he noticed that the bed was made. A kidnapper wouldn't take the time to make the bed.

Sighing as he realized where he would find his missing son Zayn trudged to the back entrance. Sure enough, there was his little blond headed one. "Niall," he called watching the boy jerk his head up and the pillow fall to the floor. "Oh baby,"

Niall was surprised to hear his Daddy's voice. Had he done something wrong already? He didn't think so. Sneaking a glance over at his timer he noted that there was only a minute left, now 59 seconds, 58. Maybe Daddy was just here to get him once his timeout was over? That would be nice. He did kind of need the potty.

"Niall" Zayn tried again when the boy didn't respond. A shrill noise cut off anything else he was going to say.

Niall whipped around to face his Daddy as soon as his timer went off. "Potty Daddy?"

Snapping out of his confusion Zayn just nods his head, "Yeah baby boy, lets go to the potty"

Niall smiled wide. He was doing so good this morning. His pull-up was dry, he had served his time-out, he was going to the potty with Daddy's help. If he kept up at this rate he might just make it through the day without having to go back to that stupid stool. He might get to sleep in his bed tonight!

"Here we go love," Zayn sang softly as he brought down Niall's pajama bottoms and pull-up.

"Thank you," Niall said politely as he started to sit. Unfortunately he forgot to put the lid up and he ended up peeing on the toilet lid. He was so stupid.

Zayn wanted to face palm himself, "oh baby boy I am so, so sorry"

"You'r... you're sorry?" Why was his Daddy sorry? He hadn't done anything.

"I forgot to raise the lid when I told you to sit," Zayn explained, "That was my fault. You did just as I asked. You did so good"

Niall's head shot up. He had done good? "Not in trouble?"

"No, no baby" Zayn assured, "You didn't do anything wrong. Now do you think you could lay still on the changing table while I clean this up?"

"Yes Daddy" Niall assured. He would do anything to be good; anything to stay off of the time out stool.

Zayn set Niall down on the changing table and buckled him in. Not that he feared Niall would roll off; it was just a precaution. After that was done he started cleaning up the little one's mess. Still something was bothering him.

"Niall, baby. Why were you sitting on the timeout stool last night?"

"Because I had an accident" Niall explained guiltily. "Sorry about that"

"An accident?" Zayn questioned, "You were dry this morning baby and you know there's nothing wrong with accidents"

"Last night Papa said that I shouldn't have sat in it for as long as I did" Niall confessed. He hated telling on himself but he had already been punished and if he lied there would only be more punishment. He really wanted to avoid that today.

Zayn hung his head, "Papa wasn't mad at you last night sweetie he was blaming himself"

"No. I was bad" Niall insisted. After all, if he hadn't been bad in the first place then he wouldn't have been in time out, which means he wouldn't have had the accident. He also wouldn't have had to sit in it for so long if he hadn't been in timeout. All of this was his fault.

"You weren't bad baby" Zayn insisted.

Zayn saw Niall sigh and knew that at this moment it was a losing battle. Niall had never liked getting in trouble, not since the beginning. The little boy put a lot of weight on his shoulders and it wasn't healthy. Seems like age play hadn't helped with that so far.

Still, the problem at hand was that Niall felt that if he had an accident in his pull-up then he would have to sit in time out. How to fix that? Niall has always had accidents. Louis and Zayn had been working on potty training him and it had been going well. Obviously that wasn't necessarily the case anymore given the rash that literally covered every single inch that the pull-up did. Maybe moving a step backwards would help?

"Tell you what," Zayn started coming over and cleaning the boy up, "Why don't we put you in a diaper today instead? Hm?"

"I'm not a baby," Niall replied.

"No, little one" Zayn assured, "And you are still welcome to say when you need to go potty and Papa or I will take you. But if you have a diaper on then an accident will be no big deal."

"No big deal?" Niall asked.

"Yep," Zayn assured, "No big deal, because that's what diapers are for. So if you can't make it and you do go in your diaper it will be alright"

"I won't be in trouble?" Niall checked.

"Not one bit" Zayn assured.

Niall thought that over. He was constantly having accidents in his pull-ups and with this new rule he would be sitting in time-out a lot more and he didn't want that. He'd never get out of the corner! But, if he wore a diaper then he could still use the potty when he remembered and not be in trouble if he didn't.

As much as he didn't want to be seen as a baby it was still the better option of the two. "OK, I'll wear the diaper"

"I think that's a good choice buddy," Zayn praised as he quickly got Niall diapered. "Now lets go get some clothes on you and then we'll have breakfast. What do you say?"

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