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We met in highschool. I never believed in love at first sight until my eyes met with hers. I could tell she felt the same. Sadly we both went to a Christian school, and after we were outted as a couple, word got around quick. I mean, we were the first same sex couple. Not only were we excluded for our sexuality but I was an athiest and my beloved was wiccan. I dont remember how our religious beliefs got around, but that only added to the abuse.
I don't know how to fight. So naturally, Heaven, my girlfriend took the role of my protector. I didn't want her to, I could take the abuse, but she loved me and I knew I couldn't keep her from beating someone's ass for what they did to me. Eventually I stopped going home with bruises thanks to her. After that point I always relied on her. She turned into my rock, the one who kept me from losing my mind.
You see, I'm a recovering alcoholic, drug addict. I quit everything the day she almost lost me to my bad habits. She challenged me everyday to be the best person, not for her but for myself. I hate to say it, but without her coming into my life when she did, I'd be dead.
After we graduated from high school, we'd been together for 2 years. She moved to Job Corp to learn how to weld, and I was kicked out of college not even halfway through the first semester. Instead I got two part-time jobs trying to save up enough for an apartment. We were determined to make it through the long distance, but I didn't want to hold her back. She was going somewhere with her life, but me? I was fucking it all up for myself. She knew I wouldn't though, and we kept trying. It wasn't a waste of time, either.
Job Corp started taking up a whole lot more of her time. It got to the point from calling everyday for a few minutes to rarely texting. I'd maybe talk to her 10 minutes, if it's a laid back day; rarely though. Obviously it took a huge toll on us. A month or two went by, we were still together. Our communication got a whole lot better and we got to talk for more than an hour every day. I didn't think it was possible but we got even closer. I felt our bond tighten. It was the best feeling I'd had in a long time.
I didn't particularly like her friends, but her one friend, Cooper grew on me. He's this redneck asshole, but he was funny and ultimately kind as time went on.
Heaven was studying welding while in Job Corp, same as Cooper. Welders didn't make bad money, so I knew she was happy with the career she was choosing. She deserved a better life than what she'd grown up with. I was happy for her.
Months went by, then a year. Finally, 2 months were left before we'd be living together. I saved up enough money for an apartment and found a great full-time job instead of working my ass off with 2 or 3 part-time jobs. Heaven found a close welding job and was definitely going to get it once she graduated. Things were looking up for us, and our lives were truly about to start.
She got really sick within the next week. It was only a cold, but she'd complained to me about how dizzy she got and how exhausted she'd grown. I didn't want her to got to her class, instead I knew she needed rest. I wasn't there to take care of her, and she ended up pushing herself. She worked her ass off trying to get out earlier.
I got a call, from Cooper only a day or two later after Heaven got sick. He was choked up, hardly able to speak. I didn't talk to her that day, I was worried. Actually, I was fucking terrified.

"There was an accident"

He muttered through the phone.


"There was an accident"

I froze. My body began to tremble and my eye sight was blurred. Not from tears, not yet, but from shock.

"What? Cooper, what?"

Could he hear me? Was I talking?

"Cooper! For fucks sake, Cooper this isn't funny!"

I was listening to him, his small sniffles. How he was holding back his tears.

"I am so sorry, Lin."

He managed to spit words out before he bursts into tears. He repeated himself over and over again.

"Where is my girlfriend, Cooper?"
"Where is my world, where is she?!"

I didn't mean to start yelling. I knew he was just as torn as I was.

"Gone. Lin, she's gone."

"You're a liar."

"She is gone!"

"You're a liar, Cooper!"

I finally broke. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

After a few weeks, I drove to her funeral. It was the first time I've seen her sense high school.
She's so beautiful
Cooper came up to me, he was taller than I thought. It was the first time I'd ever met him in person. Instinctively I immediately grabbed him and held him trying to hold back my tears. I dug my head into his chest. It made him cry.

I showed up drunk.

I showed up drunk.

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