how I will be judging them

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Welcome to my anime recommendations/opinions book!

This is basically me telling you how amazing some animes are :3
and how not-so-amazing others are...

I will be judging them by some specific aspects such as:

–character development
–entertainment, and
–overall effect

Within each chapter, I will give a brief description that may or may not be biased, but that's basically what this is about so......
I also might fangirl a ton, so, heh, be prepared.

Also, I'll try my absolute best that there are ZERO SPOILERS!

I will also rank the anime (like a nerd) by:

–Platinum (the best anime)
–Gold (one of the great ones)
–Silver (good enough)
–Bronze (just eh)
–Copper (just no)

Anyway, thanks for checking this out!
Don't be shy, recommend an anime
...for me to recommend...!

Don't be afraid to comment
your opinions as well!!!
But for the love of God, don't hate me.
enjoy! :)

Ps. I'll be posting some memes and such ;))

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