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ouarn high school takashi x reader by anime_for_life2
ouarn high school takashi x readerby anime_for_life2
You have had a hard life.Felt the worse pain feel worthless,but in his eyes your perfect. WARNING:There is depression,abuse,cutting,and suicidal thoughts in this story...
Confessions of a Fujoshi - {Yaoi, Doujinshi's, Reviews, and more} by momolizous
Confessions of a Fujoshi - { Liz
I just felt the need to do this. This is not a book though. I just want to share my confessions on some awesome Yaoi goodness and doujins. Of course other things too...
Why do you keep confusing me? by Confused_Weeb
Why do you keep confusing me?by Romania_Rose
This story is about a girl whom isn't all that popular with boys, she has many crushes but doesn't like to ask them out since she's old "fashioned" as her frie...
A Blazing Rose by rsera2
A Blazing Roseby Bloody rose
A young girl caught between love and friendship, which is most important? Sarasa was in 10th grade and she was a beautiful young girl. She was smart and strong. Her par...
anime recommendations and opinions by weebakon
anime recommendations and opinionsby weebakon
no idea which anime to watch next? read this to find the best anime (in my opinion)!!! it's just what I think about certain anime. ♪( 'θ`)ノ feel free to join in on some...
Naruto  by selenajaleyn
Naruto by Urmom<3
This is about all the characters for naruto I hope you like this I an try to post as much as I can