Part II: A Girlfriend

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"Stop it," Bo hissed at Jungkook as she pried off his fingers around her waist. "Someone's going to notice."

Jungkook laughed. "How much longer are you going to resist, Noona? It's already been a few days since we last had sex. I really need to release some tension again," he whispered as he felt up the back of her bare thigh.

She glared at him as she applied more foundation to his forehead. "I already told you that it was the last time."

He smirked. "Yeah, but you said that the time before that and the time before that. I don't think I believe you anymore."

Bo sighed as she rubbed in highlighter on his cheeks with her fingers. "You really want to get me fired, don't you?"

Jungkook's face suddenly turned serious. "Of course not. Why would you think that?" He pulled her hand away from his face and gripped Bo's hand tightly as he stood up from the make up chair.

Bo quickly pulled her hand away and glanced around them to make sure no on had seen it. Namjoon turned away quickly but she knew he always noticed these things. That boy was too observant for his own good. Or nosy. She hadn't decided which one yet.

Suga walked over and tapped Bo on the shoulder. "Can you do my hair so I can take a nap already?"

"Hyung! She's still working on —-"

"Sure, Yoongi," Bo answered quickly. "Jungkook, I'll be back soon. Try to relax a bit while I'm gone to release some of that tension you were complaining about, okay?" she said flippantly at Jungkook as she walked away with Yoongi.

As she straightened pieces of Yoongi's hair, she watched Jungkook in the mirror. He was seething; she could tell because he was doing that angry tick where he pushed his tongue against his cheek. She knew she couldn't keep having sex with him just because he needed it. She was all nerves lately, afraid that someone would walk in to the practice room or studio, or whatever dark, isolated place they could find in the BigHit building.

"Come to the dorms tonight," Yoongi said, cutting into her thoughts.

Bo froze and looked at his eyes in the mirror's reflection. "What?"

"I said, come to the dorms tonight, actually every night, or, you know, whenever he needs you," Yoongi said. "It's a lot less risky since it's just us and... we all know anyway."

Bo looked down, her cheeks reddening. "No, we shouldn't be... I told him that I couldn't help him anymore."

Yoongi sighed. "We aren't judging you. Jungkook is under a lot of pressure; we all are. And we all need our outlets. Mine is my piano and Jungkook's is, well, you. We need him at his best. But he never lets on that he's tired or stressed. And he has no other friends besides us and you. So in a way, you're doing us a favor.  So come to the dorms from now on instead of doing it here. Okay?"

Bo nodded.


"Kookie, oh fuck, I'm going to cum!"  Bo felt her whole body tighten as she bounced on his dick faster and faster.

"Ah fuck, Noona!  I'm going to cum too," Jungkook grunted as he gripped her butt cheeks hard enough to leave little bruise marks. 

Once they both rode out their orgasms, Kookie cleaned his cum off her stomach. Then he wrapped his arms around Bo as she laid her head on his chest. She felt drowsy from cumming so hard and her legs felt weak from Jungkook working her so hard for so long.  She could hear his heart still beating quickly. It wasn't until his heart had slowed down completely that she knew their time was up.  Jungkook kissed the top of her head and squeezed her shoulder before getting up.

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