Chapter 7

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Y/N pov*

I woke up, back in bed at the frog house.  I was still in my clothes from last night. But the thing is i don't even remember coming home.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 2:00pm.
I slept through the day.  I quickly got up and got dressed.

  I quickly got up and got dressed

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The sun was bothering me. I guess I got drunk last night.

I put my sunglasses on and headed down stairs to the store. Slowly.

I got there and walked in.
"Hey sleeping beauty." I heard Edgar say.
"Piss off." I replied. He laughed and went back to work. I went to the cash and just rested my head in my hands.  I heard a door open and close and then I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind.

"Hey." Alan whispered in my ear.
I just hummed in response. "You okay?" He asked sounding a little concerned as he unwrapped himself from me and leaned on the counter beside me. 
"Yeah, just a little tired I think. I mean I did just wake up."
He nodded and responded. "Yeah about that, where did you go?" Right away I felt a little fire burn inside me and I got my guard up.
"Why? I don't think it's any of your business of where I go."

"Hey look, I'm just wondering. You were heading home and then when we got there you weren't in the house. When I got up in the morning I saw you sleeping in bed. So I was just curious."

"Whatever." Was my response. I left him there and started to organize the comics.

For the next couple hours I ignored the boys and did my own thing. It was about 9:00pm
When the phone rang. And I heard exactly what they were saying. I was across the room so I don't know how this was possible.
I heard Sam on the other end saying he thinks Micheal might be a Vampire.
I don't know how that's possible, I literally hung out with Micheal last night. He seemed normal.  It has to be someone else.

"You did the right thing by calling us." Edgar replied to sam.

"Does your brother sleep a lot?"
I thought about how I stayed asleep until 2:00pm
"Yeah,all day."
"Does the sunlight freak him out?" Alan replied.

I swear those dumbasses practice this shit.

"He wears sunglasses in the house."

I'm wearing sunglasses too.

"Bad breath, long fingernails."

I looked at my nails. They were long. I don't normally grow them since I used to play guitar and I stayed in the habit of having them short.

I quickly breathed on my hand and sniffed smelling my bad breath. Luckily I had tic tacs in my pocket. I swallowed like ten.

"He's a Vampire alright."

Shit. I can't be Vampire. This is just the Fucking worst. I have to make sure the boys don't notice.

"You better get yourself a garlic T-shirt buddy. Or it's your funeral." Edgar said before hanging up.

I quickly ran out of the store hearing Alan call my name behind me. 
I ran to the Frog house and hopped on my motorcycle and I sped off running red lights and stop signs.
I eventually got to the cave and I ran in.

"Hey,Star. Laddie?! Are you guys here?" Laddie ran over to me first and gave me a strong hug.
Star then came over and did the same.

I cried in their arms. "I-I-I'm a Vampire. Aren't I?" I felt Laddie hold me tighter. And star did the same while rubbing my back as an apology.

"I'm sorry Y/N. I'm so sorry."

The three of us cried together. "Please tell me, we can undo this. Please." I said.

"No." Laddie stated.  Then Star pulled away.
But kept her arms on mine, making sure that I take whatever she's saying next seriously.

"Y/N, you need to leave. David wants me to do something and I have to be alone. Please take Laddie to the boardwalk and I will see you guys later."

I nodded and Laddie and I left.

"You okay riding my bike?" I asked him. He nodded and did a rock symbol.  I laughed and helped him on my bike. He held on and we drove off.

*time skip*

Laddie and I walked along the boardwalk holding hands. So he wouldn't get lost or 'steamed up' if you catch what I'm getting at.
Music was blasting and it was honestly a lot of fun. We went on a few rides and Laddie told me all about how he wants to have a motorcycle.
Just like when I was his age, I wanted a motorcycle more then a car.  Sadly he is gonna be that way for a while.  I could tell he was thinking the same thing because after he said that his little smile turned sad.

I stopped walking and kneeled down to the boy. "Hey, look at me. Laddie I promise I will find a way to fix us. All of us." I stated and he smiled a bit.
This is for sure the one and only promise I will make.

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