Chapter 5

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I helped Alan unlock the store. Edgar decided to sleep in. So it's us alone.  I walked to the new comics and opened the box.  I felt eyes on me so I turned around a saw Alan staring at me.
"You gonna help or are you gonna stare at my ass the whole time?" I asked him. He laughed a bit and walked over.
We started pulling comics out one by one and put them in a pile in our hands. We both reached for the last comic when our hands met.

Neither of us pulled away. I didn't want too, I felt the sparks like I did 2 years ago. With our hands still touching we both look at each other.

His beautiful brown eyes starred into my y/e/c ones. I just wanted to be with him. Us alone in the world.
"Y/N.... um"
"You assholes!! Why didn't you wake me up?!"

Alan was interrupted by fucking Edgar.
We quickly pulled away as Ed headed over to us.

"Why didn't you guys wake me up huh?" He asked again. Alan and I both rolled our eyes and I answered the bandana wearing fool.
"We did, you wanted to sleep in."
"Don't ya back talk me, I've been doing the job longer then you have." He said walking closer to me. I walked forward so we had a staring contest.
"You wanna show those "skills"? Fine then we will take it outside."
"You mean like a fight?" He asked a little bit nervous
"Never mind." Was all he said before he quickly walked to the cash register.

I heard Alan chuckle behind me. I turned around with a smile on my face.
We didn't say anything just smiled at each other and Walked over to the tv and put on MTV.
Power Play by Eddie and The Tide started.

It was a slow morning which isn't weird since the boardwalk gets more business at night.
I helped a few costumers, organized some stuff and a few boys were walking by and saw me. The group had maybe 4 or 5 and they wouldn't leave my side.
Being a girl I just let them talk to me. I also flirted a bit so they could buy a comic. It almost worked too until Alan kicked them out.
I hope he did because he was jealous. If not I'm gonna be mad, one of those guys was cute.

It was now 2:45pm and the three of us were on the outside of the counter watching MTV again.
When Alan saw someone walk in. He quickly tapped Edgar's shoulder and he tapped mine. The three of us looked over to see Sam once again at the Superman comics.
The boys made their way over with me following. Alan put his arm around my shoulders protectively.

"Notice anything... unusual, about Santa Carla yet?" Alan asked.

"No, it's a pretty neat place. If you're a Martian." He replied

"Or a Vampire."

I rolled my eyes.
"Settle Ed." I said

"Are you guys sniffing old newsprint or something?"

"You think you really know what's happening here. Well, I'll tell you something. You don't know shit buddy." Edgar said.

"Yeah, you think we work just in a comic bookstore for our folks?"  Alan said as Sam moved over to the next set up and we followed on the opposite side.

"Actually, I thought it was a bakery." I smiled at Sam's sarcastic comment.
Sarcasm has always been my first language.

"This is just our cover. We're dedicated to a higher purpose."
Edgar grabbed a vampire comic and rolled it up to lightly tap Sam as he continued.
"We're fighters for truth, justice, and the American way."

"All right."

"Hey man, Read this." Ed stated as we followed Sam around.
Sam looked down at the Destroy all Vampires comic.

"I told you, I don't like horror comics."
Alan removed his arm from me and walked over to Sam grabbing the comic.

"Think of it more as a survival manual.
There's our number on the back...
And pray, you never need to call us."

"I'll pray......I never need to call you.
And with that the boys walked away and started work again.

"Hey Sam." I started. I walked up to him and place my hand gently on his arm.
"Look Sam, I'm sorry about how the guys are. Believe me I first thought they escaped from the nut house." I laughed a bit and he did the same.

"So Y/N, is your number on here as well?" He asked with a smirk.

I giggled "no."

"But what if I get scared and need to cuddle?" He said clearly trying to be smooth.

"There's this thing called a pillow." I replied.

"Hey, Y/N. Can you come help me with the register. It's jammed." Alan sorta shouted.

"Um yeah, I'll be right there."  I was gonna walk over but Sam grabbed my arm.

"What if I get scared and want to walk along the boardwalk, maybe talk and get to know each other." I blushed at Sam's comment.

"Y/N?" I heard Alan say again.

"Just hold on." I quickly told Sam and jogged to the Cash Register. Alan was behind the desk watching me as I reached over beside him to grab a pen.

"y/n, what are you doing?" He asked sounding both curious and sad. I ignored it and headed back to Sam.

I grabbed the comic and put it up against the wall and wrote my number down.
"There's my number, call me if you ever wanna... talk." I said in a flirty way. Thank god I have my own land line at the Frog house. After I gave Sam my number I walked over to help Alan.

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