Chapter 1

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Y/N Pov*

I just got home from work. I looked at my small house, that I share with my brother. It wasn't much but I called it home. I looked at my watch and saw that It was 12:00am.
"Where the Hell is Y/B/N?" I asked myself as I walked around downstairs.  I went to the kitchen and grabbed my self a water bottle. As I looked down at the bottle to open it, I saw from the corner of my eye that someone walked downstairs. I chuckled then said "I thought you ran off and ditched your little siste-"
I looked at the sight in front of me, Edgar and my boyfriend Alan Frog, were carrying my brother downstairs.
I dropped my now open water bottle and ran to the sight. I sat on my knees beside my brother now lying lifeless on the floor. With my hands lightly touching almost hovering over the giant bloody wound coming from where his heart should be.
"What- how-wha- ."
Was all I could say, I was in shock of seeing my older brother, the only family member who didn't ridicule me was now dead.
After a couple seconds my question was answered. I looked up at Alan and behind his back I saw something large and almost like a beige color. He saw that I noticed and quickly put it behind his back.
I stood up and looked at him.
"Give it to me."
"Y/N, you have to understand th-."
"I said give it to me." I spoke one last time more stern. He slowly removed it from behind his back and handed it to me.
I covered my mouth  and turned my back to the Frog brothers when I starred at the object now in my hands.  It was a bloody Wooden Stake.

They killed my brother, they stabbed him

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They killed my brother, they stabbed him. With one of his own tools. I knew I didn't like him taking part in this kinda work. They are supposed to kill Vampires not Humans. I swear if they had employers they would have been fired a FUCKING long time ago.
"Who stabbed him." I asked calmly.
There was no answer.
"Did I stutter? I said who stabbed him?" I spoke a little louder. 
"I did." I finally heard the answer from the voice I thought I fell in love with.
With my back still facing them I asked another question. "Why?"  I gripped the stake in my hand. I could practically hear the fear radiating off the both of them. Then Edgar finally replied. "He was bit."  "He was bit?" I repeated.
"Yes, a vampire got to him and bit him." He said with a slightly shaky voice. 
I rapidly turned around chucking the stake and having it stab the wall directly in the space
Between their heads.
"YOU KILLED HIM BECAUSE HE WAS BIT!!?" I screamed at the boys and slowly walked over my brother trying to get closer to them. They walked backwards terrified.
"It- we didn't know what else to do." Edgar stated. I chuckled and replied "well you could have tried NOT stabbing him!" I said.
"You two are bad at your FUCKING job! He didn't kill anyone did he?!" I asked. They shook their heads no.
"Right, so he was still alive, We could have cured him."
"Aren't you also- also confused about how the Vampire was in your house?"
"No, no, you see I'm more confused about why you two are still in my house."
Right away Edgar ran out, but Alan stayed behind.
I started to cry again.
"Just leave me alone."
"Alan, Go Away!!"
With that he walked to the open door. Before he closed it he looked at me. Our eyes met and I saw him crying.  I knew why the tears were going down his face.
He wasn't crying because he lost a friend, he's crying because he lost me. He took off one of his dog tag and put it around the door knob. Then
He closed the door and left.
The minute I heard the door close I slid down the wall and brought my knees up to my chest. There I sat and broke down. Not caring how loud I was or if I was an ugly crier or anything.
I lost my brother and the boy I loved.

I took a glimpse at my brothers body on the floor. I cried even harder, putting my head down back against my knees. After a few more minutes,I could practically feel my heart crumbling inside me. Then I slowly brought my head up as an idea popped into my head.
I will avenge Y/B/N's death. This isn't over.

I'm gonna kill those blood sucking assholes.

 I'm gonna kill those blood sucking assholes

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