.seeking trouble

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WHILE THE WIND was tangling her blonde hair,making it even messier than it was before, Margaret found herself hurriedly walking to school, Anne not far behind

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WHILE THE WIND was tangling her blonde hair,making it even messier than it was before, Margaret found herself hurriedly walking to school, Anne not far behind.

"Hey,wait up!" The redhead caught up with her friend,taking Margaret's cold hand in her gloved one.

The girls overslept because of the last night's talk with Jerry and they were a little late. Knowing how Mr Phillips is, they decided to take the shorter way to school, and that way lowering the chances of being late.

For about five minutes the only thing they could hear was the rumbling of the leaves and the grass under their feet, until a familiar figure popped out of the trees.

"Well,well,well. What do we have here?" They immediately stopped in their tracks when Billy blocked the way.

"Move out of the way Billy." Margaret snapped ,trying to avoid the boy, but was yanked backwards ,stumbling into Anne.

"I think you need to learn how to respect the greater ones ,orphan." he smirked, getting closer to the girl with each step.

"Hope you don't mean yourself!" Anne tried to seem strong ,but the crack in her voice said otherwise.

"Anne,go to the schoolhouse. This is between me and Billy." she lightly shoved the girl forward, glaring at Billy.

Man,if looks could kill, he'd already be dead.

"No way Margaret! I'm not letting him-"

"Just. Do as I say,please."

"You should listen to your friend, orphan." he snickered,turning back to look at the scared redhead.

With slight hesitation, Anne turned away and ran to the schoolhouse, her plan was to go and tell Diana or even Mr Phillips, that her friend was being bullied.

"You got quite the guts. But that doesn't change the fact that you're just a street dog." he stepped closer to intimidate her,but she didn't budge.

"Look,I don't know what problem you have with me, but I suggest you leave Anne out of it before it gets bad."

"Why you-" gripping her scarf ,he held his fist up and Margaret closed her eyes,preparing for the hit.

"Hey, Billy!" startled, the boy jumped away from her like she was on fire,and turned in the direction of the voice. It was a boy with curly dark hair and many,many scarves around his neck. He was wearing a bag over his shoulder. "How's it going?"

"H-Hey, Gilbert!" he nervously greeted the boy. Oh,so that's Gilbert. He's cute. Shut up Margaret ,this is serious!

"Man,it's good to be back." he came up to him,patting his shoulder rather slowly.

"Y-yeah, welcome back!" it was funny to see the once all mighty Billy shake when he saw the boy. Margaret was watching them interact with a smirk.

"Yeah,it's good to see you,buddy." He spat out the word buddy like it's venom from his tongue, and shook Billy's hand.

"You guys are playing a game,right?" looking between us, Billy notices that his other hand is still gripping my scarf, and he quickly lets go, evening it out for me. I smack his hand away and throw the scarf over my shoulder, taking a few steps back.

"Well it looks fun, but we should probably get to school." glaring at Billy,the grip on his bag tightened,as his eyes once again land on me "Hate to be tardy,but Mr Phillips sure gets his dander up about that."

"Yes,I was just about to go." Billy scoffed ,glaring at her one more time before getting lost in the woods. She exhaled, clearly loud enough for Gilbert to hear her, because he looked at her with worry in his eyes, approaching her. Suddenly she remembered what Diana told her about Ruby, and she cursed herself for getting lost in his eyes.

"You alright,miss?"

"Yes,thank you." she picked up Anne's books that she dropped and continued her voyage to school,completely ignoring the confused boy that seemed to be following her.

"You need anything else? Any dragons around here need slaying?" he called out,but she didn't seem to hear him,or chose to simply ignore his words.

"Hey,miss!" he quickly caught up to her, now walking side by side.

"I didn't get your name?" she scoffed,giving him a side glance. The only thing on her mind was Ruby and her dibs.

"What,can't tell me your name?" with a smile,he touched her arm and she stopped walking.

"Well, I can. But I choose not to." giving him a toothy smile, she started walking again,spotting the schoolhouse not far away.

The walk was silent, a few stares were shared between the two, until they reached the small house.

"Here,let me." he jumped at the opportunity to open the door for her, giving her a genuine smile,yet again.

"Thank you, but I know how to open a door myself." as she entered ,she took off her scarf and coat,hanging them up, when a small body collided with hers.

"Margaret! You're okay!" the redhead was relieved when she saw that her friend was unharmed.

"Of course I am,Anne. Here,I picked up your books." with a wide smile, Anne took them and retreived to her seat.

As Margaret sat down next to Anne,she was greeted with a nasty look on Josie Pye's face.

"I don't really know what were you even thinking ,walking around with Gilbert Blythe." next to her was an angry Ruby.

"Everyone knows that Ruby has dibs." her annoying voice filled the room as tension rose between the two girls." She has liked him for three years!"

"Listen,Ruby. I would never, and i mean never ever even speak to him. We just happened to run into each other ,and as a matter of fact, I tried to avoid him as much as I could." taking Ruby's hand in hers, she used her sleeve to wipe her tears.

"I trust you, Margaret." Ruby hugged the blonde, and Josie scoffed, moving away to sit down before Mr Phillips comes.

On the other side of the room,the boys had their own conversation.

"Why were you walking with that orphan girl?" Charlie asks his friend in disbelief,pointing at Margaret.

"Why not?" a confused look was plastered on Gilbert's face.

"Come on,everyone knows she's a loon."
Moody added, and the other boys agreed.

"Hope you didn't get any asylum cooties." Charlie laughed along with the other boys.

Unamused, Gibert gasped "Uh-oh ,there's one!" and flicked Charlie's nose,making the boys snicker.

"Besides,I don't care where she's from. A cute girl is a cute girl."

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