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I know most of you will skip this and that's fine, but I wanted to include this as a bit of an explanation as to why you may have seen this book around and to answer any general questions.

I like to think of this 'book' as a series of short 1 chapter stories in which the characters obviously come together to have séx. But to me, it's much more about their relationship and storyline than anything else.

Saying that there will be chapters in this book which are completely cheesy, cliche and unrealistic which is obviously the point. This is just something for my inner hopeless romantic to be unleashed and I hope you'll join me for the journey.

Some chapters in this book may have 2nd parts. This comes from when I hold polls sporadically and ask the fans to comment which chapter they'd most like to see a part 2 to. Based on the highest demand I'll then try come up with a sequel or prequel to it. Because I only upload this once a while, I also don't know when I'll be holding polls should probably just go ahead and 'follow' me/add this book to your library ;)

Any chapters in this book, are original ideas that I have wrote and I'd be very disappointed and saddened if they were to be stolen. So please if you see these anywhere else, let me or Wattpad know.

Finally, this is the 2nd time I'm re-uploading it. Now Wattpad is usually good at contacting me if/when they need something from me or there's any issues so I'll be honest, I'm not sure how it got deleted. My guess is that a computer algorithm spotted a curse word and from there the book got deleted.

Because of that, I'm posting the 'censored' versions on here-ie. the versions with the 'good' bits taken out. The full versions are up on my Inkitt page at:

(Also linked in the external description). Any updates in regards to the One-Shots will always be posted on here first and then up on Inkitt. I'll also post the uncensored versions on here for a few days before swapping it out for the censored versions. Just for those of you who really don't want to go to Inkitt. 

I know this is a pain for some of you but I need to comply with Wattpad and I also want to write what I want to write. It's either doing this or having nothing so I hope you guys can understand.

I've also decided that this was getting too long so I have a 'Book 2' of this too on my profile which if you'd like you can check out. It's the same format, same concept just different stories and I'm going to be slowly writing.

Thank you and please enjoy them :)

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