Young, Dumb, Broke High School Kids [Straight]

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Young, Dumb, Broke High School Kids [Straight]

"You'll never believe who liked my IG post last night?"
Aliyah mirrors her friend's actions as they take their seats on the school benches with their respective lunches.
"The one where you're where you were in Greece wearing basically nothing?" sarcastically quips one of their friends.
"I was wearing clothes. I was wearing a bikini-duh," equally sarcastically retorts Lucy with a cheerful middle finger up to the offender, "but no. Weirdly enough not that one. It was the one where I was wearing that cute red top-"
"You mean my cute red top?" interrupts Aliyah to which Lucy just shrugs.
"Maybe...But yes, guess who?!"

Aliyah glances across to the last one of their little trio-Maddy. Their prolonged silence a game they love to play on Lucy, who cannot keep quiet for the life of her, makes the poor girl scream silently.
"Guys! This is huge, okay, come on!"
Aliyah gives in. After all, she has known Lucy since like kindergarten.
"Fine, tell us, we are just dying to know."

"Isaac Taylor."

Both Lucy and Maddy fixate their gaze on Aliyah observing closely for signs of a volatile explosion but Aliyah simply rolls her eyes.
"I don't care. I'm over him."
Maddy nods slowly like she doesn't believe her while Lucy also gazes at her speculatively.
"Seriously, I don't! We were together for sophomore year. It's been almost 2 years since that, I'm totally over him."
"Girl," whispers Lucy, "wasn't he your...first?"

Aliyah feels her breath catch as always when conversation comes around to this. Despite sharing almost everything with the 2 people around her she calls sisters from different misters, that is something she cannot reveal. Isaac and her had dated at the start of sophomore year and at the time she hadn't been ready to do anything more than kissing. As they'd kept seeing each other, things had naturally progressed but never to that. Something in her had kept pulling her back and it turns out that despite saying he'd wait and be faithful, Isaac wasn't. He'd hooked up with some other girl and with it being high school and all, she'd soon found out. They quickly broke up and for some reason Isaac had never dissuaded the assumption that they'd had séx. Aliyah knows that she should have at least been honest with her friends but things had been so crazy and by the time she realised, it was too late for her to say anything.

"What a díck. You trust someone with that kind of intimacy and they do that. Fúcking a-hole," curses out Maddy shaking her head.
Aliyah feels comforted definitely by the fact that her girls will always have her back no matter what, but honestly he wants to forget about Isaac. She doesn't care about him, especially not with bigger things on her plate. Her parents want her going Ivy and if she doesn't get the grades this year, it might not happen. Not only that but she knows college is going to be her time. She's determined to have the full college experience, bad, good and everything in between. Although for that, on her bucket list is to first lose her pesky V-card.

"I told you Le, best way to get over a díck is to get on one."
Maddy wrinkles her nose at Lucy's philosophy but Aliyah can only snort in laughter.
While Lucy is definitely their adventurous one, Maddy is more their reserved one. The girl's waiting for marriage and with that in mind, neither Lucy nor Aliyah had expected the shocking revelation their innocent friend is secretly the dirtiest minded out of them all.
"I don't know. A good rabbit is much more reliable. Plus, it can't talk so it can't lie or cheat on you," retorts Maddy.

"Guys, honestly I am over Isaac. He apologized a long time ago and we talked and we're cool. So...Luce if you want to go there with him..."

"Ew, girl, no. So he's got the whole Blake Griffin thing going on and he's probably going to get a ball scholarship but I would never touch that with a 10-foot pole okay? Never."
Aliyah can't help but laugh at her friend's conviction.
"Although...I do wanna know one thing."
One dark eyebrow raises as Aliyah responds, "go on."
"How big of a pole are we talking? And...was he any good at using it?"

"Oh Jesus, Lucy! Talk about a one track mind. Besides it's probably rotted away from all his skanky behaviour and-"
"Yeah but I mean pre-skankiness. Come Le, we never got these details."

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