Little Big Girl (Daddyxlittle)

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Little Big Girl (Daddyxlittle)

Normally not one to knock back the drinks Taliha tips out the last of her champagne, placing the empty glass onto a passing waiter's tray. She tries breathing deeply only to be reminded of the ugly tight spanx she has underneath her stylish, chiffon dress. Designer of course. The same designer who's the host of this party. She's been to plenty now to realise it's all the same. Just obnoxious rich people trying to outdo each other. Of course, it's also a business opportunity and in the world of modelling it's all about contacts and personal opinions. She knows the score. She also knows that even though she's only 25 her modelling days are going to be coming to an end soon. Besides that, who knows how long this buzz about plus-size models will last?

So Taliha has her back up plan, be her own designer. Launch her own clothing lines, focused at plus size women at affordable prices. It's a typical move but one she's passionate about. Her financial advisor had explained to her the risks and while she has the star power to hopefully make it a success it's still a bold move. One that's going to come to fruition very soon. So soon that there's not much else left for her to do except wait. That's the part she doesn't handle well thus all the anxiety.

"Taliha, darling! So lovely of you to attend my little soiree and don't you look ravishing!"

Taliha spins, pasting on her gracious smile and gives the shorter man cheek kisses while they delicately hug.

"Devante, I wouldn't miss this for the world. And of course, this is one of your's," she smiles fingering the glitzy, strategically ruched, slinky dress, "although I do admit I'm not feeling so hot so I might take off a little early if you don't mind."

"No, no of course not darling," waves the man, "go rest up. I'll be launching the new collection very soon and of course my people will get in touch with yours."

Well, there's some good news. If her business flops at least she might be booked for one last gig. Oh and even though she's not a TV person, she could always do some shitty network television show.

"Of course, thank you as always Devante."

More pleasantries are exchanged and Taliha makes her rounds before finally being able to return home.

"Where to Miss?"

Taliha glances up from her phone to meet the eyes of the cab driver in the rearview mirror. She rattles off her address before returning back to her internal debate. Her finger hovers over the number to her financial advisor. Andrew Kwan is one of the highest profile advisors in the city and because of that his usual clients are those more in the technology, marketing, finance industry- billionaires usually. And Taliha is by no means poor yet compared to his sort of clients she knows she's probably the lowest on the totem pole. Despite that Drew still gives her his all. They'd been introduced by a mutual friend and now a few years on she would go so far as to call them friends. That loose thread is why she hesitates in calling him now. She'd love some reassurance but it's late and she has no idea if they're relationship is solid enough for her to disturb him at such an hour.

Fuck it.

"Taliha? Are you okay? What's wrong?"

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