Young, Dumb, Broke High School Kids [Straight]

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Aliyah winces mentally preparing for the way to lie the least but either way not admitting the truth means she's going to be doing at least a little.
"Ehh, well I mean...It was my first time. But he was...well-proportioned to his body."
The last part wasn't a lie at least. They did get to just short of final base.
Her two friends glance over behind her to Isaac's normal table-the one closest to the hoops-as they rake over his tall, broad statue and come to the correct conclusion.
"Oh," mumbles Lucy while Aliyah can only giggle and shake her head.

"Well, whatever, he's still you're ex-"
"Lucy, if you want to go there I don't-"
"Yeah yeah whatever. I'm not and also, he's still in high school. You know I've got my no high school rule."

Both Maddy and Aliyah exchange glances knowing full well about her no high-school rule. It hadn't started out that way but since getting her heart broken, Lucy had put on this persona of some ultra-confident no-strings attached player. So far it hasn't got her into anything dangerous but Aliyah forever the worrier is concerned it could.

"Except Ren Becker," points out Maddy, "I would marry then fúck that boy in a heartbeat."
"Ahmen sister," nods Lucy and even Aliyah has to agree to that.

Lawrence 'Ren' Becker would be their equivalent of the rebel misfit. While their school isn't private, most of the kids attending including Aliyah are all relatively well off. For instance, none of the people she knows has a part time job unlike Ren. Unlike Ren, if they wear clothes with rips in them or are faded it's because that's the way it was sold. Still despite being a private kind of guy, he's always rumoured to be seeing a different girl every month. Yet shockingly, none of them seem to care about the others or bítch about him. Aliyah doesn't know what voodoo magic he's doing to cause that, but it must be pretty powerful.

"Yeah, imagine having him be your cherry popper. Damn," sighs Lucy.
"He can suck my cherry all night long-"
"Oh my God, you guys are gross!" laughs Aliyah before they continue on objectifying the poor guy.
Thank God, it's all just between them girls.


Just a few more weeks to go and she'll be in a completely different part of the country, living with completely different people and sleeping in a completely different bed. Aliyah clips back the polaroid photo of the girls and her nearer the start of summer when they went crazy in Cuba. It had been both a celebration of graduating high school and of Maddy's 18th. A few more weeks and she'll barely get to see them unless it's for the holidays. Aliyah pushes away those melancholy thoughts after all, college is going to be fun. It'll be great. Just great.
At least she knows now the type of person she is. At least she's already starting it with some confidence in herself. Being black in a mainly white school hadn't been the easiest thing, never mind when going through puberty she suddenly spouted a butt bigger than most of the girls in her class at the time. Or the fact that being black, in her family she was the skinny one. Her aunties all had full curvy figures and they'd insisted she'd grow into hers but here she is at 18 and she's still rocking that B cup. But as her mom told her each time she'd petition for that new push up, bóobs are boóbs and they're there to serve a purpose.
It did eventually sink in and now the push ups are just for those special dresses to help balance out her frame.

All that confidence in her body learnt over that period of high school and Aliyah can't wonder why it is then she can't seem to find the right guy to lose her virginity to. She could always try Isaac. People already assume she lost it to him. Would it be so bad to make that a truth? He was...okay and 2 times out of 5 he'd gone down on her she truly did have an orgásm. That's not too bad right? Aliyah groans under her breath. No what's she thinking, he would be a disaster.
Every time she'd even touched his díck he'd acted like some overenthusiastic puppy. She doubts he's got any better in the past 2 years and honestly, she dares not risk it.

Though what options does that leave her? It's not like she can manage to hook a boyfriend for these last few weeks so one night stands will have to be it. Which would ultimately be better as there'd be no emotional ties when she does move away.

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