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Hello! This is my first fanfic that I am publishing. I based the next couple chapters on this video, so that you get a feel for Survivor if you don't know what it is. Enjoy! - The Fangirl

Annabeth's POV

Biting my lip in concentration, I examine the list of names in the paper I got in the mail today. I will be leaving in an hour to be marooned on an island, competing against eighteen others for a million dollars. I remember every Tuesday watching Survivor with my family, popcorn in lap. It's a show where people complete courses and activities to get immunity (which ensures you won't go home that night) and/or advantages to get you further in the game. People would have to strategize with one another to make it to the end, voting one another off. In the final three, the audience votes who wins, which means I must appeal well to them. I've been waiting so long to have the chance to participate in Survivor; now that the chance has finally come, I don't know what to think.

This year we are being separated into three groups, Brawns, Beauty and Brains. Scanning the list of my opponents, I urge myself to not forget. By memorizing them, I've been doing my research and when I'm at camp and tribal-council where we vote someone off that night, I can use what I know about them against them.

Survivor Competitors:


Jason Grace: 19 years old

University of Rome

I smile, funny enough, I get to compete against my best friend, Thalia's, brother.

Percy Jackson: 19 years old

University of Marine Biology & Olympic Athlete

He'll be good in the courses, but that also poses him as a massive threat.

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano: 23 years old

Military Commander

Gleeson Hedge: 40 years old

Coach of Goode High's Football Team

Lee Wu: 22 years old

Fitness Coach

Alyson Gold: 36 years old

Body Builder


Piper Mclean: 19 years olds

Fashion Designer & Interior Design

Calypso: 18 years olds

Graduating from YUS

Max Martin: 60 years old

Professional Photographer

Drew Tanaka: 21 years old


Barry Nlee: 30 years old


Debbie Moria: 27 years old

Real Estate

And lastly...Brains...the tribe I am in.

Nico Di Angelo: 18 years old

Graduating from Goode High

Leo Valdez: 19 years old

College for Mechanics & Intern in Department of Engineers

Travis Stoll: 19 years old

Victory Lap at Goode High

Connor Stoll: 19 years old

Victory Lap at Goode High

Twins huh? That'll be interesting.

Hazel Levesque: 18 years old

Graduating from New Rome High School

Annabeth Chase: 19 years old

University for Architecture & Database Analysis & Intern at Mathematics, Health and Sciences

"Annie! Hurry up," Thalia calls out to me.

Grabbing my bag of few possessions, I proceed out of my hotel room and meet Thalia and Luke in the hallway. They have come to send me off. My father, step-mom and step-brothers decided to stay home, but they've told me that they wish me luck and will be cheering me on every step of the way.

"Your gonna kick butt Annabeth," Luke grins, his arm around Thalia.

Chuckling, I smirk, "Come on, the boat will leave soon."

A gigantic boat takes all eighteen of us to an island in the Caribbean. That is where we will then be split in our tribes and set up camp. Technically the game begins the next day (tomorrow), however, I intend to analyze and start my plan right on the boat. Emotion, sadly, plays a huge part in Survivor, you can't just go through it ignoring everyone, you have to secure allies and backstab to get to the end. You need to earn trust. You need to manipulate. And keep in mind that anyone can betray anyone, (Red Queen Reference) Everyone can have some sort of image they can play upon; because of my size and gender, I naturally will be looked over. And that gives me a massive advantage.

Following Thalia and Luke down the dim lit hallway, I check myself over. I have extra amount of elastics in my bag, and I'm leaving my hair down to add to my little act, my curls brushed (which is not every day) and soft.  Though, I plan on not casting myself out there totally since I don't want to be viewed as a strong player and have a target on my back, I refuse to have anyone run my game and the moves I make. That is final.

Exiting the hotel, I take in the boat, floating upon water beside the dock. Breathing in, I close my eyes for a second. Relaxing. This was what I've dreamed of my whole life. This is my type of environment. Turning to Thalia and Luke, I notice slight tears on the brim of their eyes. They engulf me in their arms.

"I'll miss you guys," I whisper, squeezing tight. "And I'll think of you."

I hear Thalia laugh. "You'll do great. They won't know what hit them. I swear Annie, you will be tough competition for them all."

When we all break apart, Luke corrects her, "Impossible competition."

Laughing, I slowly start to walk away, looking back at them every few seconds. Every step I take, a bag of excitement spills over me. Reaching the dock, I gaze upon Thalia and Luke.

"See you on TV!" Thali shouts.

"Go get them," Luke yells.

Waving, I board the boat. Making my way through camera crews and other competitors, I arrive at the front, the wind blowing my blonde hair behind me in waves. Gazing at the vast endless waters in front of me, I smile. I tie the blue bandana that tells everyone what tribe I'm in, around my neck. Watch out, Annabeth Chase is not to be overlooked.

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