12. The biggest exclusive of Superman

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Superman speaks about his wife and wedding


Today I managed to get an exclusive interview with Superman to speak about his his wife and the wedding footage that was leaked just yesterday.

The world was overtaken by a storm a week or so back when the media outlets began writing about the possibility of Fay Queen being his current girlfriend. The media was led to believing this by the frequent sights of her being saved by Superman.

As it turns out Fay is more than just a girlfriend and had actually gotten married to Superman just a few months ago in June 21th.

#How did you choose the date for your wedding?

        "It was the day of our two year anniversary and no other day felt more suitable." - Superman

#So you have been dating for two whole years. How did your relationship start?

        "We met when I saved her from getting hit by a car. She won an award with that picture." - Superman

#How would you describe your wife?

        "She is my soulmate. She cares for other people and she's kind. She is way too clumsy for her own good, but that's where I step in." -Superman

#Does the fact that you are Superman make dating difficult?

        "Yes, very much so. I find myself having to leave her company to stop a bank robbery or save a civilian." -Superman

#How does Fay react to that?

        "She doesn't mind. She wants me to do what I do and keep saving people." -Superman

#Are you saying you wish to quit being a superhero?

        "No it is my duty, but I wish all dangers could be turned off for a while so I would have time to have at least one proper date with her or go on a honeymoon." -Superman

#Who proposed who?

        "I did, but I believe that if I had waited even a year more, she would have." -Superman

#Where did you propose and how did you do it?

        "The place is ours and I wish to have it kept a secret but, I got on one knee. It was very traditional." -Superman

#What was your wedding like?

        "It was a beautiful day. We had some setbacks but for me it wasn't about ceremony or the party. It was about finally being allowed to call her my wife." -Superman

#And did she take your last name?

        "No." -Superman

#Why not?

        "I didn't allow her to." -Superman

#Do you live together?

        "I'd rater not answer that." -Superman

#How long were you engaged before the wedding?

        "Four months." -Superman

#And how long did it take to plan the wedding?

        "Two months." -Superman

#And the wedding dress. Who designed it?

        "You would have to ask my wife that question." -Superman

#Could you please answer questions that aren't about your wife or marriage?

        "I can't forgive me." -Superman


So this was a short chapter because I wanted to make the newspaper story on it's own.

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