Chapter 1

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Hey guys! I have been inspired by many jenlisa yt videos and fanfics here lately and through those moments, I have decided to make them the characters of my story idea from long before about vampires. So, here it is, enjoy!


The bell finally rang, signaling the end of another school day. I quickly got up from my seat after shoving my binder inside my bag. It was such a hassle dodging people because I always sit at the very back of the classroom but that's the consequence of getting the most unnoticeable seat of all.

You see, I like, no, scratch that, I love to be alone, away from nosy people who always sneak their noses in other people's business. There, I have my own little world and very much happy of the view the window next to me was giving me. This class is at the fourth floor of the Performing Arts building and I want to leave this suffocating place, now.

When I successfully dodged everyone in the class, I made my way out of the door and dashed toward the elevator.

I am not really like this in the past but change is inevitable when your world came crashing down in front of you. I had friends in the past but I pushed them away. I finally had the courage to push fake people out of my face, well; maybe it was mostly my anger, talking. I was once popular but I think this invisibility suits my personality now.

I arrived at the lounge, swiping my I.D. Fresh air! I'm finally free!

"Jennie!!" Or not.

"Ya! Jennie unniee~!" I heard footsteps coming toward me so I quicken my pace but she got me.


"Hehe... Uhmm,"

"Chaeng! I don't have time for this!" I said when I faced her. She's pouting like the kid she is.

She's Park Chae Young. She's 21 years. She has the same course and same schedule as me. She's one of the friends that I pushed away long ago but she's the only one who stayed. I'm thankful, really, but sometimes, humans want their personal space and this girl wasn't giving me any! I want some alone time! Even though that's what I always do.

"Unnie~, let's hang out, please?" Rosé said with her puppy eyes. Ha! She's using her aegyo to win me over but nooooooo. I am not falling for that.




"Pleaseee. I'll buy you your favorite ice cream and I'll drive you home after. Come on, it's been so long since we hung out together," now she's shaking my arms, making my whole body to shake as well. My ears perked at the sudden mention of ice cream. I was about to give in when I remembered that my brother will come home today from his business trip.

I sighed and I can't help but imagine my favorite milk ice cream walking away from me. It's really a tragic story. TT TT

"I'm sorry, Chaeng but I can't. Tae is coming home today. Maybe tomorrow?" I said and she pouted but smiled when I suggested.

"Promise?" She asked as she waved her pinky at my face. Aish, this girl!


"Yes!! See you tomorrow, unnie~" she said as she happily jumped her way to the other side of the parking lot. I just shook my head at her childishness because inside the class she's the smartest. Never have I ever thought that, that is her usual side every day, she turns serious when it comes to class and I adore that girl. Very understanding and cute! But nothing beats my aegyo! You'll see that one day but not for now.

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