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Hey guys! It is x3bookcon with another fanfic and it's a DBZ fanfic! Yassss! I hope you guys enjoy this book also. The reason why I have a photo of a Sayian women as the cover is because that is Sharratto the mother of Goku! And I made Zoey look like Sharratto well just the hair I also made Zoey's face look like a mix of Chi-Chi and Sharratto. Just so because of the gene and I wanted to make Zoey's hair like that because I thought it would be great that Zoey has the Sayian hair gene from Goku. And Zoey's eyes are Sharratto's her chin is Chi-Chi her cheeks are Sharratto's her nose is Chi-Chi's and her mouth his kind of a mix of both Sharratto's and Chi-Chi's. But I also wanted to talk to you guys my readers that I like the name Zoey that's why my first fanfic I name my character Zoey because I just like the name. I would also like to discuss some things first too.

1⃣. I will be doing author's note here and there just so you guys would know where I take the setting and what not.

2⃣. I will name the age of each character (like mostly Gohan, Zoey, Goten, Trunks, Bulla, Marron, Videl, and Pan).

3⃣. In one part Vegeta seems kind of odd (Psst. I'll tell you later).

4⃣. In the first four years of Zoey's life I made Trunks and Zoey best friends until Goten and Trunks started to hang out.

5⃣. After Goten and Trunks started to become best friends Bulla comes and Zoey becomes Bulla's best friend.

6⃣. Marron and Pan becomes best friends. (I'll tell you that later too).

7⃣. In this next part Gohan is 10 years old and Chi-Chi is giving birth to Zoey.

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