10 || Raven

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"Ava. Sarah. You two might have company soon, what's your status?" Comes the familiar voice of Tah-Kuell from their omnitools.

"We're just a tiny bit lost," Sarah responds, the two women standing in front of a terminal installed on the wall, typing slowly on the keyboard. "This is taking longer than we thought, and we're just sort of skimming by on what you've told us about this 'code' we're suppose to put in. It doesn't help that it's all in an alien language."

There's a pause, before Tah-Kuell speaks up. "That's odd. Sophia got back a bit ago, she told me her instructions and the terminal's keys all turned into your English. Maybe you could try asking it something."

"Wait, that actually works?" says Sarah, stopping what she's doing to mull on the idea.

"Whatever," Ava sighs, nervously peering at the doors, leaning against the wall near the terminal. "Let's just get this over with before we wind up dead."

Sarah shoots Ava an annoyed look, before looking down at her omnitool. "Okay, uh.. can we get a translation in English? Please?" For a moment, nothing happens, but then the keys on the terminal begin to shift, all of the console's keys re-arranging themselves as if by magic. Though this time, the instructions stay the same.

"And the instructions?"

No response.

"We've got a problem, Tah-Kuell. The keys are all English, but the instructions didn't change, so I'm completely lost. Can you translate them?"

"That will take some time. Just getting the instructions together was very touch and go. Stand by, I'll send the translated version shortly." Gradually, the instructions begin to change, each letter converting to English, one by one. The door furthest from the two buckles from an impact, causing the lights in the room to flicker.

"I can hear talking in there!" R'rith snarls, audible from the other side of the door, though muffled. "Help me bring this down, will ya?" The sound of numerous boots on the ship's grating, muffled by the closed door, soon stop moving. The sound of drilling can be heard and then, another loud metallic bang causes the entire room to shudder.

"Tah-Kuell, we need those instructions!" Sarah yells, trying her best to hide her anxiety, as the deafening clang of metal on metal gets louder. She doesn't dare glance at the door, not wanting to see what sort of progress is being made to get to them.

"I'm working as quickly as I can," Tah-Kuell says, calm, though only because his door isn't the one being broken down by mercenaries.

Ava stares at the door, chest heaving, with wide eyes and a look on her face that says this sort of terror isn't something she's felt before. "Sarah, if they break open that door, I am leaving you here I swear to God. I am not dying here!"

Sarah lets out a frustrated noise, typing the last few commands into the terminal as quickly as she can. Or at least as quickly as the instructions appear on her omnitool. "Ava, please, shut up."

Another bang, louder this time than the others. The door finally begins to buckle as its integrity starts to waver. "Oh, God, this is really how we're going out, isn't it?" Ava says, breathing more heavily. The lights flicker again as the door lets out a loud noise followed by a small explosion. From where the door typically splits down the middle, a hole has been created by some kind of device, large enough for R'rith to look inside of.

"I see them! Stand back, you idiots! I'll break down this door myself!" R'rith roars in anger, moving away from the door, backing up to take speed.

"Oh shit!" Ava cries out, realizing what R'rith is trying to do, quickly moving toward the opposite side of the room, where another exit is located. She moves quickly, her presence triggering the exit door to split down the middle and open in response. "Forget this, Sarah, let's just go!"

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