The Flipside

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Just to let you all know, my friend, Skye, and I have written a brand new story on Wattpad called The Flipside and if you like this story and my writing I would loveee for you all to check it out!

Here's the synopsis:

"Lyra Axton is shy, intelligent, and sweet.  Belle Drummond is cocky, reckless, and outgoing.  The two girls are wildly different. Their personalities clash, they come from different backgrounds, and don't share interests. Well, apart from one particular interest. One Elias Wynter-Brown has caught both the girls' attention.  It's a wild year full of drama, secret societies, and heartbreak, at Rosa King Academy as both these girls fall for the same boy. Being on the wrong side of a love triangle is a vicious game and Lyra and Belle are about to be smacked with the reality of that."

It's going to be drama filled and full of representation of race, sexualities and gender as this is really important to the pair of us. You can find it here:

Or you can search for us, our username is: duolucestellarum

If you do enjoy it, please give it a vote, add it to your reading lists, comment and follow us as it would let us know you like it!

I'll update this story soon I promise I'm working on a chapter!


Zoe x

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