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Hello everyone,

First of all, please don't kill me because, no, this is not an update (although I wish it was too). This is a cry for help (okay not really but I do want to ask for help).

Alongside my A-Levels, I have (stupidly) taken it upon myself to do an Extended Project (a 5000 word essay) on Harry Potter and the theme of good and evil. Part of that essay is a section on Severus Snape and whether he is a hero, a villain, or a little bit of both. I also need a variety of sources to back up my arguments and one of the sources I have been advised to include is a poll of my own creation. I have therefore created a short poll on Buzzfeed in order to try and collect some information, and it would be so helpful to me if you could all spare just one minute to answer it for me. I would very much appreciate it, and if you take it and then leave a comment on this chapter that you have, I may even write another update on Finnick and Vivianna's lives if I get enough ;) (this is a total bribe, I really need this guys!)

Thank you so much if you do, the link is below!


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Zoe x

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