Chapter 11

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Cinna gets to work on Katniss' talent. Every victor is supposed to have one. Peeta's is painting - and he is amazing at it. Mine is playing the piano although I don't remember how I learnt. Katniss though was struggling to find one, not really excelling in the list that Effie sent her mother. After a while, Cinna spoke up and offered to help Katniss develop her passion for designing clothes but I can imagine Cinna doing all the work. He's commandeered the living room in Katniss' house, sketchbooks, fabrics and an assortment of clothes cluttering it.

Katniss picks up a sketchbooks and we sift through it, examining a gorgeous dress Katniss apparently created.

''You know, I think I show a lot of promise,'' Katniss says jokingly.

Cinna tosses a small pile of clothes at her in response. ''Get dressed, you worthless thing,''

I laugh at this as Katniss changes, sitting back down next to me once she's done. ''Did I design my outfit?'' she asks him.

''No, you aspire to design your outfit and be like me, your fashion hero,'' Cinna hands her a small stack of note cards. ''You'll read these off camera while they're filming the clothes. Try to sound like you care.''

''It would help,'' I add, sending Katniss a wink which is returned by an eye roll.

Effie then arrives in a bright orange wig that makes my eyes hurt. ''We're on a schedule!'' she reminds us, kissing Katniss and I on both cheeks and waving at the camera animatedly. She then begins to give orders, placing Katniss in the right positions. I bite in my laughter as she holds up outfits and saying things such as ''Don't you love it?'' in a fake cheery voice. Then the sound team record Katniss reading from the cards before we're both sent out of the room so they can film the designs in peace.

Prim's here, home early from school, standing in the kitchen being interviewed by another crew member. I smile as Katniss watches her, dressed in a sky blue dress with her hair pulled back by a matching ribbon. Then Katniss falters, grasping onto my arm. I furrow my brow and steady her as she squeezes her eyes shut. When she returns to normal, Cinna comes through and attempts to put a furry coat on her. She raises her arms and lets him slide it onto her.

''Ermine,'' he tells her as she strokes the white sleeves. ''You're bringing earmuffs back in style,'' he adds when he places the furry earmuffs over her ears.

Then Katniss' mother hurries over and hands her something cupped in her hands. ''For good luck,'' she says.

Katniss opens her hands to find the gold mockingjay pin she wore as a token in her Games. Tokens are powerful things. I have mine on as often as I can, the trident bracelet tied tightly around my wrist. My token from my District.

The sound of Effie clapping her hands makes me drop my thoughts. ''Attention, everyone! We're about to do the first outdoor shot, where the victors greet each other at the beginning of their marvelous trip. All right, Katniss, big smile, you're very excited, right?'' and with that, she shoves Katniss out of the door. I watch as she breaks into a smile and sets off at a run to Peeta before launching herself in his arms. He picks her up and spins her around before slipping and falling into the snow, her on top of him. Then they kiss. When they pull apart, she hauls him up, tucks her arm through his and they walk away.

The rest of the day flies past, Katniss saying goodbye to her family at the station before we pile on board, quickly eating dinner before we depart for bed.

After a shower and wardrobe change into something much comfier, I sit down on my bed, alone. I glance down at my bracelet. Who gave it me? It was driving me insane that I knew nothing about myself apart from the face I come from District Four. Does that mean I can fish? Swim? Make knots? One things certain, though. I have to get answers from Haymitch.   


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