Chapter 10

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 When I step inside the Everdeen's house, it's eerily quiet. I first notice the Peacekeepers. I don't know what it is but something about them just set me on edge. My eyes narrow as I step through the hallway and find Prim and her mother waiting patiently. I raise an eyebrow at the strange situation but Mrs Everdeen just shakes her head very lightly so as not to attract the attention of the Peacekeepers. After a while of waiting in silence, a door opens and out steps the last person I would expect to see in District Twelve - President Snow. As soon as he steps out I instantly smell the overbearing scent of roses...and blood? My own blood begins to boil when he turns to face Prim, Mrs Everdeen and I.

''Goodbye, Mrs Everdeen,'' he nods his head before his eyes shift to me. ''Nice to see you again, Vivianna,''

I force a smile. ''And you, President Snow,'' I say in the most formal voice I can muster. He smiles cruelly as if he knows something I dont - which, I guess, is true - before he turns and leaves, his Peacekeepers following behind him.

''Is everything all right, Katniss?'' Mrs Everdeen asks as Katniss comes out from the room a little while later.

''It's fine. We never see it on television, but the president always visits the victors before the tour to wish them luck,'' Katniss says brightly.
I notice Mrs Everdeen's face flood with relief, colour returning. ''Oh. I thought there was some kind of trouble,''

Katniss' mother may have bought it, but I don't. I raise my eyebrows enquiringly but the look in Katniss' eyes make me drop the subject.

''No, not at all,'' Katniss says. ''The trouble will start when my prep team sees how I've let my eyebrows grow back in,'' her mothers laughs.

''Why don't I start your bath?'' she suggests.

''Great,'' Katniss replies and they both head upstairs. Prim and I wander into the living room and share a couch.

''Your hair is so pretty, Vivianna!'' Prim smiles at me.

''No, no - yours is much prettier. Blonde is definitely prettier than dull dark brown,'' I shake my head.

She lets out a small laugh. ''But yours is softer!'' she retorts.

''Years of the Capitol's makeovers, young Prim,'' I wink at her.

Prim smiles again and for some reason, it makes me sad. Probably because of all the poverty, smiling and laughter is so rare. I hate that the Capitol laughs too easily because they don't even have a clue what it is to work. I hate being labeled as 'the Capitols gorgeous girl'. I am not one of them. I don't know Capitol people apart from the escorts, prep team and officials, like Snow and Flickerman.

''Can I braid your hair, Anna?'' Prim asks me, drawing me out of my thoughts.

I nod my head and slide off the couch so she can access my hair.

''Katniss taught me this braid when I was younger,'' she tells me, weaving my hair in some intricate pattern.

''It's ,'' I compliment her once she's finished, standing up to look in the large mirror above the fireplace.

Then the prep team arrive, hugging me tightly before heading upstairs to Katniss.

''Anna!'' I turn to see Cinna, arms open wide.

I launch into a tight embrace, grateful to see someone friendly again. I've missed Cinna.

''Your dress,'' he says, handing me a bundle of fabric. ''I trust you can do your own makeup? Your hair is already wonderful,'' he winks before speaking to Mrs Everdeen and heading upstairs.

''Can I help you get ready?'' Prim asks shyly.

''Of course!'' I exclaim and she leads me up to her room where I change and sit on the dresser, allowing the young girl to do my makeup, assisting her when .   

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