Chapter 49

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Okay, boys and girls and non-binary friends of mine, this is a warning for you all. This chapter will contain SMUT so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Also disclaimer, I have never written smut before so please do not kill me if this is the worst thing you have ever read (I assure you all it will be) but hey ho. If you want to skip the smut, I will leave a little asterisk message after it ends so you can continue reading the story as normal. The smut is just for the thirsty readers that asked for it. Your wish is my command. We're all going to hell.


Finnick's hands are magical; the circles he makes with his thumb on my hip as we he hovers over me send tingles across my body and make my cheeks heat up. And he just stays there, perfectly still (aside from the hand on my waist) looking down at me with those bright eyes of his and a knowing smirk on his lips. This is what he has been waiting for. For years.

"Finnick," I say softly, and he pulls his lip between his teeth at the way I say his name. He doesn't reply, merely lowers himself so his face is inches away from mine. "Do something."

He delves down, capturing my lips with his own in a heated kiss as his hands move up to cup my cheeks in his hand, my own wrapping around his neck and bringing him closer until his hips rest against my own. I let out a little yelp as he bites down on my bottom lip, slipping his tongue into my mouth and claiming it for his own. Then he stops, all too quickly and retreats, gazing down at me; me, with my short hair falling in messy tendrils around my face, my chest heaving and waiting for him, my body clad only in my underwear I wore specially for him.

"Vivianna," Finnick says gently, his voice wavering as if it's hard for him to even speak. "You are so damn beautiful," I blush and move to cover myself up but he clasps my hands in his and pushes them aside. "Don't you ever hide from me."

I tip my head back in bliss as he swiftly moves his sweet-talking mouth to my neck, one hand grasping his broad shoulder as he bites down and sucks over the hurt, moving over and over my neck and collarbone until I am a masterpiece of love. He moves steadily lover, reading behind me to rid me of my clothes and then my chest is fully bare for him. Finnick trails his eyes over a sight he's seen before, but his eyes flash with a new excitement that spreads a warm blush over my cheeks. He meets my eyes and huffs out a heavy breath before pressing soft, gentle kisses all over my tan skin, his masterful hands moving down to cup my rear then grip my thighs as he rests in between them.

"Finnick," I moan out, wanting, willing him to go further, go faster.

With his own strangled groan, he picks up the pace, using his lips, tongue, whole mouth to explore over my chest and torso, peppering me with little nips and marks along the way that I knew wouldn't go away anytime soon.

"What do you want, Vivianna?" he asks in a sultry tone, his head dangerously close to my core. He bites down on my hip bone and I gasp in pain. He chuckles.

"I want you," I beg breathlessly and he smirks. In one swift motion, I am bare, fully exposed to the man I love.

"To what, my love?" He teases, pressing kisses up and down each thigh, agonisingly skipping where I needed him most.

I grow tired of teasing, gripping his jaw with my hand and pulling him up close to my face. A mix of surprise and arousal dance in his eyes as I kiss him hard. "No more teasing." I tell him sternly.

He curses and removes his own remaining clothes, thrusting into me with ease that causes us both to groan out, never tiring of the way he feels inside of me. His head falls against my neck, the two of us breathing heavily as I adjust to him. And then he pulls out, my hands flying to his shoulders, nails digging in painfully that cause him to hiss, before he slams back into me, a cry escaping my mouth over and over and over.

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