Chapter 2: Wisdom

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"The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing."

The room you stood in was white.

Pure white.

The floors and walls were all sculpted from a polished, white marble, the pillars that expanded from the floor to the ceiling were made of shining pearl and rows of men in armor lined the walls.

They all had long hair and their ears were slightly pointed at the tips, each of them wore shining silver armor, and in each of their right hands were long spears with sharpened silver resting on the top.

Each of the guards eyed you with curiosity as they watched you being dragged to the two large wooden doors at the end of the long corridor. You thought it was strange that out of every door you've seen so far in this strange land, this one, was the only one made entirely of brown wood.

Symbols were engraved in the marble above. You could tell they were words, however they were in a language you couldn't understand.

The two grand doors opened with loud creaks and groans.

You felt your heart begin to thump loudly in your chest. The king was in this room. You were about to meet a king.

The two guard shoved you, causing you to walk inside the doors of the room, you walked with a slight limp, caused by the monster that attacked you earlier, and signaled for four other men to shut the large doors behind all of you as you entered.

This room was different from the one before.

There were bookshelves that reached to the ceiling, each of them filled to the brim with books. The shelves were seemingly endless and you stared in awe at the sea of knowledge before you.

You couldn't help but feel a little excited at the sight.

You loved reading. It was your favorite pass time. To you, social media was so full of drama and books focus on the worlds real problem, like poverty and war. When you read, the books brought you to another land, a land in which you could be and do anything you want.

"My king." A voice from behind you spoke, grasping you out of your dream like state.

You turned to look at the male that spoke.

He and his companion were on their knees, there right hands in fists over their hearts as a sign of allegiance.

You turned back to face the sea of books but instead came face to face with a pair of lavender eyes.

Your heart almost jumped out of your chest in shock. The man before you was beautiful(like every other man you've seen so far.) his hair was as golden as the sun, and was cut short(unlike any of the other men you'd seen) , his skin was fair as ivory and his gaze was as purple as the sunset.

His body was adorned with white robes of silk that hung loosely from his form, a deep V neck allowed you to have a clear view of  his collar bone and parts of his chest.

In his right hand, that was adorned with rings, was a book with a red cover, you caught a glimpse of a few words, which, of course, were written in a language you didn't understand.

In his left hand was a small cake that had a single bite missing from it.

From the white powder teasing the corner of his mouth, you could tell the king had eaten it.

The kings purple gaze was closely studying your face as you studied his regal appearance.

"Have I not told you to never interrupt me while I read?" His smooth, deep voice made you jump in surprise. He slammed the book  shut in obvious annoyance. You watched as his gaze trailed to the guards behind you.

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