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get yourself ready
we're going to have a family

a family dinner?
i think this is not a good time

i already told you about
this plan since last week

i just lost my best friend

i'm not taking that statement
as a reason
be ready at 7 pm

itsmathilda | isn't it lovely, all alone? (you promised me to join my family dinner, you bastard)

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itsmathilda | isn't it lovely, all alone? (you promised me to join my family dinner, you bastard)

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dempzee : YOU HAVE ME!

brycemoney23 : looking good girl, maybe you should come to my house sometimes and i can guarantee you that i could make you forget about all the pain that you have 🚬💊

mount.gomery_ : we could get high together, babe

dempzee : back off @brycemoney23 @mount.gomery_

brycemoney23 : oh.. i see, so now dempsey is the substitute for atkins? nice play mathilda

alex.standall : your name should be in the guinness world record for the dumbest person in the world who lacks consideration @brycemoney23

alex.standall : hey, i know that we're not that close. but if you needed someone to talk, i'm here :)

mount.gomery_ : alex standall is getting it on

alex.standall : shut up @mount.gomery_

cheerstojess : i'm also here for you!

itsmathilda : i know that dempsey, love you @dempzee

itsmathilda : thank you! we totally should hang out sometimes! @alex.standall

itsmathilda : JESS!! i knew that i could always count on you! @cheerstojess

dempzee : love you too, matty!

t0ny.padilla : my red mustang is available for you anytime anywhere

itsmathilda : love you boo @t0ny.padilla

this bitj is finally back. is there someone who still read this crap tho lol. i just finished watching season 2 of 13rw and I AM SHOOK. thanks for reading guys, and hopefully i could start updating this book regularly hehe.

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