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ding dong

"hold up, i'm going to see who is it that came to my house at 11 pm for god's sake" mathilda said to her best friend, jeff atkins, over the phone. they were having their usual phone call session, talking about how their day went, just like every other night before.

"maybe it's your parents" jeff suggested. mathilda managed a chuckle and shook her head.

"like you don't know them at all... they're too busy working rather than doing their job as a parent" she mumbled, her feet making its way to the front door.

"be careful mat, it might be a serial killer"

mathilda opened the door, and she couldn't believe what she saw.

no, it's not a serial killer.

it's much worse than that.

justin foley.

"hey jeff, i will see you tomorrow" mathilda uttered over the phone.

"WAIT, WHY? IS IT A SERIAL KILLER? OKAY MATHILDA CALM DOWN OKAY?! JUST BREATH IF YOU A-" mathilda hung up her phone before jeff finished his crazy theory about her being captured by the serial killer.

justin stood there, observing his girl- ex girlfriend thinking how stupid he was to let someone like her go not once, but twice. mathilda had given him a second chance, she loved him, loves him. but what should she do if he blew his second chance?

right, you break up.

justin face was full of blood, she didn't know whether it is his or bryce's. she hoped that it was bryce because, well, she didn't want to see justin got hurt.

"wha-what are you doing here, justin?" she managed to ask. her heart was beating so fast, that she swore justin could hear it too.

justin was silent for a couple seconds, before he spoke. "hey, mathilda... i'm just wondering if i can stay over at your place?"

"what the-"

"please, mathilda. before you freak out, i will only be staying here just for a while... i need some place to sleep. in the morning, i swear i will be gone before you knew it" he said. his voice sounded desperate, and it broke mat's heart to hear it.

"why don't you stay at your own house justin?" she asked him. she was trying to move on, and the last thing she wanted to do is to deal with justin. and now, here he was, standing right in front of her.

"i don't want to see my mother's boyfriend" he answered. she remembered those times when he would spent his night at hers. mat's parents were never home, while justin- you know what happened. they would chat until late at night. and when they were tired, they would sleep together in one bed. but she guessed she couldn't do that anymore, huh?

she heaved a sigh before opening up her door, "come on in"

"thank you, mathilda"

mathilda. no nickname like "mat", or a pet name like "matty" that he always used to call her even though she hated that so much.

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