Chapter 2 - Green Eyes & Awesome Skittles

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I'm back again. This is a bit shorter but I hope you will like it. We meet Alex at least :)

Have fun!


Oh. Wow.

I was momentarily stunned when a gorgeous guy walked into the history classroom. His hair was a mess, like he had run his hands over and over through it. It was something you didn’t see often in LA. All his features were completely straight: high cheek bones, a chiseled jaw and piercing forest green eyes. The only imperfection was the slight bump in his nose, which made him even more attractive.

His body was obviously extremely well built. You could see the definition of his abs slightly through his simple white shirt that was covered by a worn out leather jacket. His jeans hung dangerously low on his hips. And to top it off he was wearing a pair of battered leather Chucks. 

He was perfect. Exactly my type. 

Noëlle stopped my ogling by kicking my leg under the table. “Stop staring.”

I quirked an eyebrow at her, while I kept my eyes on the gorgeous stranger in front of me. Someone like him would never take any interest in someone as plain as me. A girl could dream though and looking at him certainly helped. 

I followed him as he crossed the classroom. As he walked, his eyes suddenly landed on me. His full lips formed a small “O” before they turned into a breathtaking smile. I quirked one corner of my mouth up in return. I noticed his eyes were very kind and open, something that also added to his gorgeousness. 

He kept walking until he stopped beside me. I wondered were he was going to sit since our two seat were taken and the only other open space in this row was next to... Oh shit. 

“Hey, sexy,” I heard Katharina say beside us. 

The guy looked away from me and his voice landed on Katharina. You gotta be kidding me. This was Katharina’s boyfriend?

Of course, I could have known it. Someone as gorgeous as him would only go for a girl as perfect as Katharina.

“Hi, honey,” the boy kissed Katharina sweetly on her cheek before he sat down next to her. Katharina was obviously not satisfied with this. She grabbed his neck and planted her mouth on his. She pulled away and looked at me with a smug look on her face. She had seen me checking her boyfriend out and wanted to mark her territory. It surprised me she hadn’t already pissed on him. 

At that moment the teacher Mr Elbary came walking in, starting the class and effectively interrupting my ogling. He immediately started with his story about the Tudor dynasty. I zoned out, forcing myself not to look at the gorgeous guy beside me. It was quite hard to do. 

At last I couldn’t handle it anymore so I ripped a page out of my notebook and scrabbled something on it. I shoved it to Noëlle who read it. 

Who’s the guy next to Katharina? - Nina

Noëlle frowned beside me. She hesitated for a couple of seconds before she picked up her pen and wrote something under my note. 

That’s Alexander Cavalante or Alex as he likes to be called. He’s Katharina’s boyfriend so don’t try anything with him. That’s not just a suicide attempt, that’s a kamikaze action.  - Noëlle

I scowled at the light threat on the piece of paper. I didn’t like this whole Katharina is amazing and don’t mess with her stuff. I was the one who decided what I wanted to do and no one else. 

I wrote a couple of answers but all of them were offensive and rude so I decided not give her another note. This wasn’t Noëlle’s fault, she was just a puppet of Katharina.