They're Coming: Preface

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"Alex? Where are you going?? You know we'll get in trouble if mom comes home and sees you out in woods, especially in the rain!" I see my little brother running through the woods in the backyard, it's raining and I know that we shouldn't even be outside. I start to become frustrated when he doesn't stop. I take a step towards him, but then I get this weird feeling, like déjà vo, but I know that I have to get Alex; I'm supposed to be watching him. Of course the day I decide to take a shower before my mom gets home is the day he decides to disobey and go into the woods.

When I step off of the back porch and into the pouring rain, my frustration turns into anger.

"Alex!! I am not kidding!! Get back here NOW!!!" now I can barely see him, but I do notice when he turned towards me and raises his arms in a 'come here' motion. I am now fully soaked and completely pissed off. I start to walk after him but then I hear his voice, it's a little louder than a whisper.

"Claire, you have to come faster! Help me! You're the only one who can!" He sounds panicked and afraid. When I hear this I start to panic myself. I start to run and the moment I get into the woods I get that weird feeling again.

"Alex? Where are you?!" I listen for a reply and my heart starts to race when I don't hear one. I pull the wet strands of hair off my face so I can see better but it barely helps because the sun has gone and the woods are dark because of the storm. I try again to see if Alex will reply and I tear up in relief when I hear a reply.

"Claire, please, help me!! We're running out of time!" he sounds like he's been crying which is surprising because he never cries. I start running faster through the woods, dodging low branches and side-stepping bushes. I hear an ear-piercing scream. I know it's Alex that screamed and I stop, and the moment I do I know that I will regret this.

"Alex!" I scream, hoping for a reply but for some reason knows that one isn't coming. I am now crying and with the rain and the tears, I can barely see in front of me. I wait only a few seconds more and then start running in the direction of the scream. This time I am barely paying attention to all the trees and twigs and then I feel a sharp pain in my ankle and fall to the wet ground. I turn and see that my foot had gotten caught on a tree root. I jump back up and in seconds I am running again. I feel pain but I keep running. I have to get to Alex, I have to find my little brother.

I see a shadow in front of me and as I get closer I notice it's a boy. I start crying even harder because it's Alex. I finally found him!!

"Alex!! Thank God! I found you!" I smile and walk towards the shadow. When I got closer I see my ten year old brother, who has blue eyes and blond hair and is usually always smiling, but this time, he looks sad.... so sad. I see tears falling down his face and I immediately take a step closer.

"Claire.... you're too late. They have realized how special we are....." Alex wipes the tears from his face. Now that I am closer I notice that he also looks scared. When I hear his reply I frown.

"What do you mean by 'they'? And how are we special??" He shakes his head. I am waiting for a reply that never comes. I look down and notice blood all over his clothes. I reach my hand out but Alex jumps back. I start to open my mouth to ask what happened but before I can Alex starts to disappear. Before he is completely gone he says one more thing to me.

"They're coming." this comes out as a whisper and within seconds I am alone and crying in the middle of the woods. I fall to the cool mossy floor.

"ALEX!!" I scream but I don't here a reply. I bring my knees to my chest and cry. My eyes slowly start to close and then my world turns black.


I open my eyes and see my bedroom ceiling. I take deep breaths to try to slow my racing heart. That was the one of the most vivid dreams I've had in eleven months, and of course it was about that night... every dream i have had- which is about one every two months-have been about that night. I shiver just thinking about it and my eyes start to tear up.

"It was just a dream...... it's over Claire... it's over..." I kept repeating those things over and over, trying to calm myself, but it doesn't help at all. I soon start thinking about Alex..... And about that night....... and about the funeral..... And about how no one knows the truth. Everyone thinks Alex got attacked my some animal in the woods..... That's not what happened.... he was murdered, and the thing that I thought about for hours, that I thought about until the sun started to come up, was what he said to me before he disappeared...... "They're coming."

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