They're Coming: Ch.1

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(4 years later)

It had been hours since I had awoke from the last nightmare and I still couldn't shake the images. I decided that I would go clear my head for a bit and quickly changed out of my pajamas and into something a little warmer. As I was pulling an old hoodie over my head I craned my neck and looked at my alarm clock. It read 6:20. I sighed, i would never wake up this early years ago. heck, you couldn't have paid me to wake up at even 8:00 on a weekend, but now, I was getting up and ready on a Saturday before 6:30. But I have changed a lot since then...

I grabbed my phone and wallet and shoved them into my front pocket, and after a quick survey of my room, making sure I hadn't forgotten anything important, headed towards my door. I quietly opened my door, listening for any sign of my mother being awake and when I didn't hear anything, I advanced down the hall. I grabbed my car keys and as I was walking out the front door I felt a vibration from my pocket. I jumped, and when I remembered my phone I smiled at my skittishness.

I waited until I was in my Jeep Cherokee to check the text message. I flipped open my phone (yes, sadly I still have a flip phone) and saw that I got a text message. I clicked to my messages and noticed that the message was sent from a private number. I clicked on the text and what I saw made my heart stop.

Your Brother isn't dead... :)

My first emotion was shock, and then, I hate to say it, hope. But I shook that emotion away. Alex was not alive; I saw his poor, bloodied, broken body... didn't I? Yes... yes of course I did. There was no way Alex was alive. My mother and I buried his body...

Now I felt anger, anger for this person, anger that four simple words could make so many emotions arise that I had tried so hard to bury.

Whoever this is can go piss off! How DARE u send me a txt like that!

My fingers trembled over each key, making it where it was five minutes later before I pressed the send button. I shoved my keys into the ignition and before I could change gears my phone buzzed again.

Why Claire, that is not a nice thing to say :). And I am only telling you the truth... if you want to see your brother again, go to the place you last saw him, go into the woods...

This time my fingers couldn't fly over the keys fast enough.

Who is this?? And you are NOT telling the truth!! You're lying through your teeth!! And how do you know that was the last place I saw him??

I pressed send, feeling more than I little freaked out. Who the hell was this person? Why were they sending me painful lies? And most importantly, what if they weren't lying, what if somehow my brother really was alive?

It was a long shot but for some reason I just couldn't shake the feeling that this person was telling the truth. Deep down I never accepted that my little brother was gone, that he was dead, I just couldn't for reasons that I weren't fully aware of. I always have felt that he was still alive.

My thoughts were interrupted by a buzz.

Read this very carefully Claire, your brother is alive, and you know it. If you ever want to see him again, you will go into the woods where you last saw him... we will be expecting you at midnight... you will not be late Claire, nor will you mention these messages to a single soul, and if you happen to disobey to either of those things, you shall not like the consequences. Goodbye.

I reread that message over and over, wanting it to be true and a lie at the same time. Wishing it were true so that my little brother was alive, but wanted it to be a lie because it just wasn't possible for him to be alive, and also that message was a tad bit threatening.

I didn't bother replying, somehow knowing that the person on the other end didn't expect one. I read the message one last time before pulling out of my driveway, remembering that the whole purpose of driving was supposed to clear my head. But as I turned onto the main road, my head was full of new questions, all about what those texts meant, and how tonight was going to turn out, because even though I hated to think about that last moment with my brother, I was going to have to remember every detail to get to that place that was filled with my most horrid memories.

I was going, going to the place where I had lost my little brother, and hoped like hell that tonight I was going to find him.

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