They're Coming: Ch. 3

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                I was pulled back into consciousness when I felt an excruciating pain in my shoulder. My eyes shot opened and I quickly took in my surroundings. I was in a painfully bright room, or I guess it wasn't even a room. It looked like a prison cell. It was about a perfect square and the only furnishing in this place was a metal chair in the corner.

I quickly got off what looked to be like a metal plank but was apparently my bed. My head started to immediately spin as I stood up but I worked through it and walked a few steps to the chair. To my disappointment the chair was rooted to the floor. I had been hoping to use it as a weapon.

"She should be awake, I hit her with a good amount of watts," said I voice who was walking down what I guessed was a corridor that led to my cell. I froze.

 What?! What should I do?? I thought frantically.

"What?! You electrocuted her?" I heard an angry voice say and I instantly recognized the voice. It was the younger kidnapper. I looked down and I frowned when I saw a silver patch attached to my shoulder. I ripped it off as quickly and quietly as I could, praying that the men weren't close enough to hear.

"Well, the drugs you two stole were quite powerful," the first voice replied. With each word said my heart quickened. Panicking, I looked around the room frantically. When I saw nothing that I thought could help me, my heart sank.

Not knowing what to do, I jumped back on the "bed" and closed my eyes, hoping that I could pretend to be asleep.

"You still didn't have to electrocute her," the boy said in a defiant tone. I guessed that this kid probably had his arms crossed in the universal "screw you old man" gesture.

"He did what he needed to do, so stop whining. We need her up right now," said the voice which was the other guy who had kidnapped me.

Great, a reunion with my abductors, I couldn't help but think with sarcasm dripping of every word. 

I heard the jingling of metal and then the click of a lock being opened. The cell door slid open easily and I heard as one of the guys walked in.

"See? She isn't even awake," said the kid triumphantly.

"What? I hit her with an exceptional amount of volts because I knew that this girl was needed, now," the man said with a surprised voice.

"She's not asleep." My heart stopped. It was my older kidnapper who said those words. I heard footsteps and then suddenly I was grabbed by my shoulders and pulled upward.

"Ouch!" I cried out, unable to keep in my pain, the shoulder where the dart struck and the "electro patch" was placed happened to be really sore.

I looked at the man who was holding me and was surprised by what I saw.

I was expecting mid-thirties, balding, ugly, pedophile-looking man who would have a molester smirk on his gross face that would show missing, yellowing teeth. But that was probably the farthest thing I saw.

He was quite a bit taller than me, probably a good foot. He had shoulder length brown hair and bright green eyes. They were the brightest green I had ever seen and the color looked like a lime green. I continued to look at his face and saw strong, defined cheekbones and laugh lines around his mouth. I looked at the arms that had me pinned in place and saw good sized muscles that looked pretty good in the black t-shirt he was wearing.

But I quickly forgot his looks as an intense anger started to flow through my veins. I looked into this man's face with what I hoped was a hard, defiant look.

"Get. Your. Hands. Off. ME!" I put emphasis on every word, hoping that my short 5 foot 3 inch body looked scarier to this man than before. I looked up at the man and for a second his hard eyes and exterior never moved but suddenly he started to laugh. This jerk started to laugh!

 At this point I started to see red I was so angry. I shoved him and surprising myself and by the look on this idiot's face also surprising him because he lost his footing and stumbled. Without a second thought I ducted under his arm but before I could take two steps he had me with my arms behind my back.

   "Is someone a little angry because she can't look menacing?" he said from behind me. I was about to shove my head back and connect with something (hopefully his pretty little face!) but thought better of it because I heard that head-butting hurts and truthfully this whole time my shoulder has been throbbing.

"Screw you," I said with venom oozing off every word. I turned to look ahead off me with my shoulders raised and my dignity with me, hopefully showing these guys that I wouldn't be easy to mess with.

But when I looked who my company was I felt my hard exterior falter. Who I saw in front of me made me stop abruptly and I felt my mouth fall open but I didn't even think about closing it. My heart started to beat and I could have sworn that all three of these guys heard it. Something rolled down my cheek and it took a few seconds for me to realize it was a tear.

"No... it can't be..." I whispered into the silent air that before this moment I hadn't noticed was thick with tension.

"Clare..." the boy in front of me started saying. I shook my head to silence him.

"No, this is not possible." I said this with more strength in my voice but as I was saying the words I knew that I couldn't be right because I was looking at the proof. It, or rather he, was right in front of my face.

"Clare, you know who I am right?" he asked with uncertainty and also a hint of sadness.

"I could never forget who you are, you're my-" I was cut off when a loud crash boomed from down the hallway. The other man, who had been silently watching this whole thing, quickly looked to see what had happened.

He turned and looked back at us and I noticed that his eyes were similar to the guy holding me's eyes but instead of bright green they were a bright indigo. It was beautiful in an eerie way, and the also had a crazy glint that looked permanent.

"They're here," he said. The man holding my arms cursed under his breath and the four of us were out of the cell in seconds, running down the hall in the opposite direction of the crash. We ran forward for what seemed like hours but were probably only a few minutes at the most and then we took a sudden turn, than another and continued straight. We reached a large metal door and then the crazy eyed man pulled out a card and swiped it through a panel. The door opened and we ran out into an ally.

Instead of going to the front of the ally, we went to the back then I looked up and I saw one of my childhood enemies... a chain-link fence, and this fence was looked to be at least ten feet tall.

I was never the best at climbing and by the looks of these guys when they started climbing they appeared to be professionals! By the time I got to the top of this massive wall all three of them were already at the bottom. I looked down and fought the urge to panic but then I got stuck.

"Damn it," I muttered as I tried to pull my shirt loose. When I almost got it I suddenly lost my grip and started falling

Arms caught me before I could completely fall. I barely registered who it was but I saw the signature green and new who it was. I mumbled a thank you and then we made an abrupt turn and started running through another ally. We burst through the front of the ally and ran across the street to a parking lot. We stopped at a sleek, new-looking (but completely normal) car.

"Get in," said the guy with green eyes. I hesitated for about two seconds before I completely turned off all of the warning bells going off in my head.

I was already in an immense amount of trouble so why not get into a getaway vehicle with a super cute guy, a man with crazy looking purple eyes and my supposedly dead brother?

Leaving whoever-or whatever-behind us, we sped off down the busy road before our pursuers could even see which direction we went.


hi guys! I started this last night at like ten and i finished it just now :P haha well i hoped ya'll like it! oh, and I made some changes, like the categories are now mystery/supence and action, well ya'll no the drill! haha <3 truebloodfreak159

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