They're Coming: Ch. 4

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                "Okay, enough silence, who the heck are you people!" I said after we had been driving on a bare, dirt road for at least an hour. The driver  -who I called 'crazy eyes'-looked at me through the front mirror and smiled.

"My name is Oliver Baxter," he said with another smile. I nodded, showing him that I heard and then I turned to the guy who was seated next to me, the one with the green eyes.

"And you?" I said after a few seconds of silence. He turned and looked at me and after a couple seconds I had to look away, his gaze was just so... powerful.  I snuck a peek and from the corner of my eye I saw him turn his gaze ahead again and smirk.

Ughhh! What the heck is with this guy smirking all the time!! It is sooo annoying, I thought to myself as I crossed my arms.

After a few minutes, the silence was broken with a deep, accented voice.

"Eliot Trakov," he said with an accent I was not familiar with. I turned my gaze to him but he kept looking ahead. At some point he had put his hair in up in a loose ponytail and I was able to see details I hadn't notice before. He had a long, puckered scar on his neck, starting from the bottom of his jaw and curving down the side of his neck until it became hidden in his shirt. I started to raise my hand to see how far the scar continued down but then I mentally slapped myself. I mean what was I thinking?! Instead I crossed my arms again and cleared my throat.

"Well now that I know my kidnappers-" I was cut off when the boy in the passenger seat spoke.

"Hey! You didn't ask me to introduce myself!"

"I know who you are, you're Alex... maybe an older, taller, more buff version but you are still my dead younger brother!" I kept raising my voice until the last word was almost a shout. I had so many different emotions swimming through my head but anger and pushed its way to the front. I saw Alex turn in his seat and look at me with pleading eyes.

"Claire, I know you're mad, but you have to understand, I wasn't allo-"

"Do you know what you put me through Alex... what you put Mom through?" I had only said those words above a whisper but I think everyone in this car heard them clearer than the ones I had yelled. I saw pain shoot across his crystal-blue eyes and I immediately felt bad, not for saying the words because I think he needed to hear them - and a heck of a lot more along the same lines-but for saying them as harshly as I had. I had no clue what any of this was about but I could only imagine what Alex had gone through for the past four years.

"Claire, I know you must hate me but you have to understand, I had to leave, to save you from the life that I now have to live." Alex said in a rush, each word getting cut off as the next one came rushing out, but I was used to his mumbled words. As a boy he would always try to say more than this little mouth could get out at one time and I had always been his translator.

But apparently Eliot had been around him enough to understand his speech also.

"Alex, enough," he said with authority, not like a father, but like an older brother who was trying to help his younger brother from getting in a lot of trouble. Alex turned at looked at him with anger in his eyes, but it wasn't a wild, uncontrolled look like most boys his age, it was a calm and controlled look.

"Eliot! She deserves to know, and she's already in too deep with us."

"No." Eliot said a little louder. I saw the two guys look at each other, and like me Alex was the first to look away.

"Fine, but she will find out. Whether it's from me or you, well I guess we'll just have to wait and see..." Alex crossed his arms with a small smirk on his face.

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