They're Coming: Ch.2

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"Honey, I am going to be working late again... I probably will just sleep at the office." My mother said with a frown. I smiled, showing her that my being alone for yet another night was okay.

"I know that I am not really here that often but you know how to reach me."

"I know Mom, it's alright."

"Okay, if you say so..." her voice started to fade with the last word because she had been walking out the door. I sighed. The late nights at the office weren't something new but it still made me sad sometimes. I knew she was just doing it for more money to support us but tonight I really wished she was staying home because in about five hours I was going to start hiking back into those hellish woods.

I walked into my room and fell onto my bed, burying my head into my pillow. I felt the threat of tears but I forced myself not to cry. Sometime between trying not to cry and trying not to think I fell into one of the deepest sleeps I have ever been in.

I awoke with a start. I quickly looked around, noticing that my room was significantly darker. I jumped up out of my bed and walked over to my window. My backyard was dark but the moon cast an eerie glow of everything. I turned and walked back to my bed. I grabbed my phone and saw that I had a new message.

My heart started to pound and with shaking fingers I opened the text.

Hey Claire-Bear! Sorry 2 bother u but cuz school starts next week (heck yeah!! Seniors baby!!) I thought that we could do something fun, well txt me back, byee!

I sighed in relief. The text was from my life-long best friend Emma. I quickly sent a reply, telling her maybe and that I would definitely text her later. Within seconds I got a reply

Okie dokie!! Haha well ttyt!!! Love ya daaaarling!! :P

I smiled. Em was an amazing person and friend and even though that text wasn't anything special, it still calmed my nerves. But when I looked at the time my heart started to beat faster.

"Damn, I slept for four hours!" I said out loud. I ran to my closet and grabbed my rain jacket along with my boots. I also grabbed a baseball cap. Before I put the cap on I took a good look at it. It was an old fashioned OU baseball cap, which was originally my father's, who was from Oklahoma and had graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Alex had loved this hat because the day my father left, this is what he had left behind for him. I had kept it because Alex had loved it so much. I frowned, shaking away that particular sad memory and thought about what was ahead of me.

I put my hair in a ponytail then put the hat on. I walked out of my room, keeping the light on and the door open and walked to the front door. As I was reaching for the handle I remembered that I would probably want a flashlight so I went into the kitchen. After looking in many of the drawers I finally found one.

I stuffed it into my pocket and walked out the door. I started to lock it but decided not to. I walked around to the back of my house and slowly walked towards the huge expand of woods. The closer I got the more I felt like I was getting trapped.

By the time I was in the woods I was almost hyperventilating. I knew that I needed to get my emotions under control so I stopped walking and started taking deep breaths.

A few minutes later I had my breathing somewhat under control so I started walking again. I quickly walked through moss, wet leaves, and twigs. I was surprised that I was advancing so quickly and I even remembered there the uprooted branch was where I had tripped the last time.

If only I hadn't tripped... I might have gotten there before he... he... vanished.

I slowed my pace, knowing the place where I thought my brother had died was just ahead. In minutes I was to the clearing. I dropped to my knees. I hadn't noticed that they had been violently shaking.

"Alex" I whispered into the summer air. I took my phone out and looked at the time, seeing that there was still a good twenty minutes left.

I can't believe I found this place so easily

I then close my eyes, giving into the memories that have been swirling in head for the past hour.

    "You can leave me all you want but you can NOT leave these kids!" my mother screamed into my father's face. My father just shrugged and stepped back. I was on my bed, holding a weeping Alex to my chest. My door was open just enough to where I could see my parents perfectly.

"Jeremy, why?" my mother said in a loud whisper. My father got a hard expression on his face and then said the sentence that I will never forget.

"Why Lily? WHY? because I am sick of you, sick of this family, sick of this life! Sure, we had something in college but it hasn't been there for a long time. I'm done, I cannot be here anymore. I have to go." When he said the last sentence he turned and starred right into my eyes. I saw something there that I didn't understand and even to this day I can't place it. Those words hung in the air long after my father had slammed the door without even saying a goodbye.

I was abruptly pulled out of my memory when I heard the sound of something moving off somewhere to my right. I stood up and before I could move I felt a prick in my left shoulder. I turned and looked down.

Something that looked like a dart was sticking out of my shoulder and I could help but think that the dark must have been sharp to go through my jacket like that. The end had a crimson feather on it and if I hadn't been looking so closely I might have mistaken it for my own blood.

"Ow." I said to myself. Before I could say anything more I became dizzy and couldn't help but fall into the fallen leaves.

Right before I had blacked out completely I saw a lean, muscled guy wearing all black step into the clearing and following him was a boy that was also lean and muscled but a few inches shorter. I fought to stay conscious but whatever had been on that dart was immensely strong. The last thing I see is the two men stopping and I see the smaller one start to talk. I close my eyes, knowing that there is no hope in me staying conscious.

"Noah... look at her, she looks so much different..." I hear one of them say and I think I hear sadness in the voice.

"I know, I know. I think she's out though so help me pick her up." the other replies. By the deepness of the second voice I know that the first one to speak was the shorter one, and he also sounded somewhat younger. I hear them advanced towards me but in seconds the drug from the dart pulls me into utter unconsciousness.


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