Arc 1.5

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Author's Note:

How does that cliffhanger feel? Was your heart tearing itself apart in the desire to know what happens next?

Luckily, I had my lab exam today and though it went slightly okay, I feel relieved in getting that over. Because of that, I feel very generous in posting this chapter up verrrryyyy quickly.  Even though I could've let you guys stew for a little bit longer.  (。◝‿◜。)

Plus Editor-chan kept accusing me of being a sadist (which she is not wrong, but still) so my heart softened because of her. 

Do please give Editor-chan your love~  ♡^▽^♡

Anyway, it's time for Alex to beat some young masters up!

Trigger Warning: Bullying, some Molesting but nothing explicit. 


Alex is really cool. So cool that Bai Yang is still baffled that she would want to hang out with him at all.

She's optimistic, mature, composed, and smart. Really smart.

He remembered how on one of their studying sessions, they were going over chemistry and reviewing everything they have learned recently. At one point, they were talking about electron configuration, which led to a discussion about orbitals, and then settled on Alex lecturing about the Hamiltonian and harmonic oscillator. That was when Bai Yang had to stop her from going off track, mostly because he wasn't able to follow anything she had said for the past five minutes. Alex was surprisingly embarrassed by it.

She is also very strong as well. Whenever they have P.E., Alex is always on par with the boys. Soccer, basketball, track—in terms of fitness, she's ranked number one on the girls' side and in the top ten on the guys' side.

If Alex wasn't hanging out with him, if he didn't cling onto her and give into his loneliness, monopolizing her time and attention like some kind of needy girlfriend, she would have been very popular despite being a scholarship student. Maybe she would be able to hang out with more girls or get along with the other guys in the classroom. Alex is very likable, and patient, and kind.

It's his fault that she's getting bullied—that Chao Heng is targeting her. It's because she's kind to him that Chao Heng would constantly try to humiliate her, but Alex had never given him the chance. She finds his attempts amusing and smiles in a weird giddy way despite the cruel words. "It's cute," was what she told him. Bai Yang found himself rather speechless over it.

Even so, because how Chao Heng treated her, everyone else kept their distance and therefore, Alex was not able to make more friends other than him. Though this upsets him, Bai Yang couldn't keep himself from being greedy.

He has very few friends—if any at all and he finds his days happier and more enjoyable when he is with Alex.

That's why he would make her lunch or let her touch and hug him multiple times during the day (though he's now a lot more receptive of them and looks forward to them every day) or rarely lets her leave his sight with few exceptions. Bai Yang tried very hard to make sure that she wouldn't leave him one day. That the day she finally found out about his secret, she wouldn't look at him with disgust and disdain.

Just imagining Alex's fond and carefree smile turning into a sneer full of loathing and hatred—Bai Yang feels as if he can't breathe.

Alex is too kind. Whenever they would get near someone gossiping (most likely about him), she would immediately notice his stiff and pale expression before quickly ushering him away to a less crowded area. 

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