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After going through chapter 6 with Editor-chan, it just occurs to me how much I really do need her. Q.Q All of the mistakes in the text are just too embarrassing to recall. (';Д;`)

So, yeah. I'm definitely not going to post a chapter up even if it means leaving you guys hanging for a while. Unless anyone else wants to help out while Editor-chan and I are busy drowning in essays and studying for our finals. But anyway:

I have just finished chapter 11 last night and it's freakin' long and I was crying to my Editor-chan 'why the hell is it so long?!' during that time and she responded 'why are you like this?' and I didn't have a come back to that.

You folks better be happy when we finally post up chapter 11! I'm completely incapable of writing short chapters!! Chapter 13 is supposed to be around the same length as well *sobs*.


They spent the night talking about everything, even as they were eating dinner (angel-hair pasta with spinach and thin chicken breast and rich creamy white wine sauce poured on top-holy cow she knew that Bai Yang could cook but this is fucking fantastic). Alex talked a lot about her study abroad trips during her college years. Luckily, Bai Yang hasn't asked about why she was in certain places or what programs she had signed under-details that would make it very hard for her to discuss about mostly because she's not exactly sure how similar this world is to her previous one. Bai Yang, in the moments that he does feel talkative, blabbered all about the times his parents had taken him with them to work. Because of how young he was, they pretty much stayed in the country and only accepted jobs within the country as well. Either way, they're not so well known internationally, so it's not really much of a hassle to just keep their jobs inside S Country.

Bai Yang would describe how dazzled he was whenever he followed his mother into her studio or when he followed his father into one of his photoshoots. Everything, to him, was always bright and glittery and he would always be in the state of awe whenever his dad is in the middle of modeling or when he sees his mother in the middle of work, commanding the scene with her presence.

"My dad was a model contracted to Hong Modeling Agency, you know?" Bai Yang had told her just as they were finishing dinner, his eyes full of admiration and praise. With the stars in his eyes, he didn't see how Alex had narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "They're some of the best agencies in the whole country! They don't have much of an international presence like Wang Modeling Agency, but they do have a few world-ranked supermodels and a few first-tiered fashion magazines and brands under their names!"

"I see," Alex responded coolly with a neutral smile on her face. This is probably something she would find out once she read Bai Yang's Backstory on the interface but honestly, she never had a good impression of the female lead. So, of course, she would find the female lead's family to be unfavorable. It's probably not fair or just, but she doesn't give a rat's ass.

But what really stumped Alex is how passionate Bai Yang felt about the modeling industry. Of course, that would make sense since his parents loved their jobs and Bai Yang lived a little more than half of his life being surrounded by models and photographers until his parent's deaths, but...

With a little bit of regret, Alex had asked the other whether he wanted to make a living in the same industry as his parents, which Bai Yang confirms after a long minute of silence and hesitation. And she couldn't do anything but nod, because he gave her a look that is both expectant and hopeful so how in the hell can she even begin to discourage the kid by telling him modeling will ruin his life?!?!?

Next, she questioned specifically what he wanted to do, hoping to someone in the heaven that could hear her (except for Sisay, that traitor. It's actually encouraging this) that Bai Yang wanted an office job or maybe work as a recruiting agent or a manager of some sort instead (she thought he would make a good manager), but his actual answer left her groaning at her luck.

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